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A Complete Anatomy For Healers TELECOURSE~ A Comprehensive Course with Tara Matthews, L.Ac ERYT500

A Complete Anatomy For Healers TELECOURSE~ A Comprehensive Course with Tara Matthews, L.Ac ERYT500






6:15 pm - 7:15 pm




Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Complete Anatomy for Healers Certification
~A Comprehensive Course for Understanding the Subtle and Physical Body
with Tara Matthews, L.Ac, ERYT500

Understanding both subtle and physical anatomy is an integral part of being a successful and knowledgeable facilitator for patients, clients, and loved ones. This course is designed for healers and energy workers of all lineages, yoga teachers, and medical professionals who would like to better understand human anatomy and its applications within the healing profession. It will bridge the gap between western, eastern and subtle medicine perspectives.

We will create fundamental and experiential experience with the human body systems from a wholistic and integrative perspective. From this course, you can expect to:
~ Learn important aspects of both the subtle and physical anatomy of the body
~How energy systems integrate with the physical body
~Understand the fundamentals of yogic, eastern, western and energetic anatomy
~ Understand imbalances and be introduced to applications and self-treatment protocols
~Be able to discuss these subjects with clients and other practitioners
~Recieve certification

27 weekly sessions divided into 3 modules. These modules can be taken together or separately. All three modules are required for course certification.

This course does include a short exam at the end of each module for certification purposes.

This is an online course with live recorded sessions Wednesdays at 5:15-6:15PT
Includes weekly meditation and /or pranayama to assist material acquisition and understanding.
We will be balancing our own anatomy as we journey through this learning experience.

Module One: 7 + Chakra System
7 weeks
Each Chakra relates to a specific emotional, physical, and energetic capacity of the human experience. Ideally the chakras are balanced and allow us to coordinate our life from a place of clarity, strength, and grace. Due to the consequences of stress, trauma, karma, and environmental factors, chakras are often out of balance.
Our journey through this subtle anatomy system will help us to understand the mechanism of the chakra system and how to identify core imbalances. We will investigate the “lower triangle” and “upper triangle” systems and their intertwined legacy of transformation and intersection with the physical body. Our studies will also give us the opportunity to experience a short meditation that brings balance to each chakra as we open to its wisdom.
2018 Dates
February 7, 14, 21, 28,
March 1, 8, 15

Module Two: The Ten Light Bodies
10 weeks
The essence of understanding subtle anatomy can be best investigated through the Light Bodies. The physical body, while a profound part of the human experience, is only 1/10 of our anatomical reality. They can be seen as relevant and profound tools that when optimized, allow us to live with more grace, harmony, and awareness. The Ten Bodies form a cross connection between the gross modern anatomy of the West and the energetic systems of the East.
April 4, 12, 19, 26
May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
June 7

Module Three: Western and Eastern Anatomy
10 Weeks
The human body is a vessel for experience, learning, transformation, and growth. Understanding the fundamentals of each system is imperative in order to understand the wide range of physical experiences our clients and patients undertake during their lives. The interconnection of the physical organ systems is an immense subject that demonstrates the undeniable harmony and wisdom of the human experience. We will begin to lift the veil between what has traditionally been viewed as separate systems in the west and utilize eastern medical perspectives to link together the intricate physiological structures and relationships that make us human. Awareness begins with knowledge. And our quest for balance and health will be supported by our modern anatomical studies as we bring them into relationship with the energetic. As a result, we will begin to see the complex patterns present in each physical imbalance and how they relate to emotional and energetic systems.

June 14, 21, 28
July 11, 18, 25
August 1, 8, 15, 22

Registration prior to January 31st, 2018:
Complete Course Certification (3 modules): $555
Individual Modules: $195

After January 31st:
Complete Course Certification: $750
Individual Modules: $275

Complete Anatomy for Healers Level 2: Clinical Applications

Diagnosis of Subtle and Physical Imbalances
The Daily Practice as Medicine: Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Prescriptions
Basic Supplemental and Dietary Prescriptions
Elemental Nutrition: A Seasonal Perspective
Advanced Navel Center Diagnosis
Case Studies

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