(805) 717-9900

Reiki Sound Healing

Sat, Feb 17th @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Soul Body Ojai

206 N. Signal St. Suite M
California ( CA )

A unique healing experience that combines the powers of qigong, sound healing, and Reiki energy work.
Begin with qigong movement to activate your energy and prepare you for the sound healing. Austin’s expertise in the healing vibrations of singing bowls, along with his knowledge of energy vortex points, creates a unique and powerful environment that allows you to release blockages, stress, and pain during the 45-minutes sound bath. As you journey through the sound bath, Lepeng’s Holy Fire® Reiki work (45-minutes) will help to deepen the healing process, release any remaining tension, balance your energy centers and receive guidance and insights during the  Reiki session.
Please RSVP @ 818-853-300 and make payment (sliding scale) in advance since the space is limited to 10 people. Thanks!

$40, $44 or $48

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