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Self Care & Self Love Gatherings

Self Care & Self Love Gatherings






9:00 am - 5:00 pm




The self-care gatherings are designed for ALL women. In a nurturing, beautiful and uplifting environment, we will share in yoga, meditation, sound healing, journaling, and sisterhood. We gather to find a greater love for ourselves so our presence uplifts and heals all those we touch. Retreat Dates are Sunday, September 29th and Sunday, October 27th from 1-5 p.m. Feel free to indulge yourself one or both days. Women in all stages and phases of her life are welcome.

During our time together we will:
– Practice transformative yoga postures and breath techniques
– Nourish ourselves with self-care and self-love rituals
- Relax with a restorative sound healing session
– Share, journal, and discuss the different phases and stages of our journey.

The September 29th gathering will be held from 9-5 at a beautiful private residence in Ojai, CA. All snacks, beverages, and materials are included. There will be an hour lunch break. This meal is not included in the cost.


The October 27th gathering will be held from 1-5 p.m. at Palomar Farms. All snacks and beverages are included. 

These special events are crafted by Jennifer Marcaccini, curated by Ravi Kiret Kaur (Holly) and Eileen Cavanaugh. Jennifer has been teaching yoga, conducting workshops and leading retreats since 2009. She loves to offer classes, workshops, and events designed for all members of the modern family. Her weekly and monthly offerings include a supportive container for group sharing, inner growth, collaboration, and deep connection. She is also the visionary behind Ojai Retreat weekends which are designed specifically for the modern woman to retreat, relax and renew in nature.

Ravi Kiret Kaur is partnering with Jennifer and hosting the September 29th event.  She is a sound bath alchemist, lover of life and the divine feminine. Her passion for sound healing comes from her musical background. For years, She traveled the globe, sharing stages with some of the greatest musicians of our time. (Ray Charles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, BB King). Her approach to sound healing includes age-old techniques and instruments that nurture and renew the nervous system. She loves to curate beautiful events that help women to feel empowered, beautiful, peaceful and supported. It’s all in her “Artful Way of Living”.

Eileen Cavanagh will be partnering with Jennifer and hosting the October 27th event.  Eileen is the founder of Palomar Farms, a beautiful flower farm in the heart of Ojai.  The location offers us more than flowers because beneath the soil there is a deeper rhythm and meaning to the farm.  Eileen specializes in the cycles of transformation.  Life, death, and rebirth.  Her theme, from seed to celebration is alive in all her offerings.  Together, they will offer you many self-care practices and rituals that you can implement as we enter the winter season.


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