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Self Care & Self Love Gathering

Self Care & Self Love Gathering






9:00 am - 5:00 pm




509 Palomar Road
509 Palomar Road

The self-care gatherings are designed for ALL women and are the creation of Jennifer Marcaccini. In a nurturing, beautiful and uplifting environment, we will share in yoga, meditation, sound healing, journaling, and sisterhood. During these gatherings, we find greater love for ourselves so our presence uplifts and heals all those we touch. Women in all stages and phases of her life are welcome.

During our time together we will:
– Practice transformative yoga postures and breath techniques
– Nourish ourselves with self-care and self-love rituals
– Relax with a restorative sound healing session
– Share, journal, and discuss the different phases and stages of our journey.

Sunday, June 7th,  9:00 – 5:00 p.m.

On Sunday, May 3rd we will gather at Palomar Farms to celebrate Spring and all her abundant blessings. Palomar Farms is a beautiful flower farm in the heart of Ojai and the creation of Eileen Cavanagh. The location offers us more than flowers because beneath the soil there is a deeper rhythm and meaning to the farm. On this land, Eileen and Jennifer will offer you a self-care day full of kundalini yoga & meditation, writing circles, gong sound therapy, abundant nature, and sisterhood. Join them for a deeply nourishing and celebratory Spring day.

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