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Spring Attunement Cleanse with Tara and Marianne (ONLINE TELECOURSE)

Spring Attunement Cleanse with Tara and Marianne (ONLINE TELECOURSE)






6:15 am - 7:00 am




Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Time for a Spring Clean of the Body Temple!!
April 13th-May 4th, 2020

Join us on a 21 Day Exploration of how to utilize the spring season to deeply cleanse and balance your body and life!
The Season of Spring is one of Awakening and Rebirth and Creativity. As the body opens into new growth, we celebrate life by celebrating the body in all of its beauty. Leaving the cave of Winter and stepping into the Light, we will clean house, lighten the diet, and transform the old into the new!.

Let’s engage, quicken and emerge! We will gently stir the from the stillness of the Cave to awaken and our circulate the energy of our bodies and begin to expand into the New Year. We will support the Lymphatic System, Liver and Gallbladder with Chinese Medical principles honed and deepened over millenia. Our Yoga will be activating, cleansing, and moving. Our conversations will provoke the stasis that yearns to become elevated through creativity.

Come with us to heal, attune, and move into a higher and lighter state of being.

22 Daily Calls at 6:15 AM PT (recorded for convenience)
Online Kundalini Yoga selected especially for this Cleanse
Guidance and support by phone and online.
Spring Visioning
Spring Starlight Group Healing Experience
Transforming Group Meditation Journey
Online Community
Guidelines and Cleanse Plan that is simple, rejuvinating, and detoxifying.

Certified Practitioners, Marianne Mitchell and Tara Matthews, L.Ac, will support you through this process with daily calls from 6:15AM-6:45AM PST weekdays with bonus weekend workshop calls. The calls will feature a variety of topics relating to achieving and maintaining optimal vibrancy and health including Nutrition, Meditation, Mindfulness, , Pranayam, Vibrational Medicine of Food and more! We will also be in the company of Tara’s cleansing Kundalini Yoga videos designed specifically to address cleansing in the Season of Spring.

We will also have many opportunities to share our experiences in a supportive environment.

Early Registration (By March 22nd) Register for $99 here:
After March 21st: $122

With 3 Acupuncture Sessions and Unlimited Live Yoga Classes with Tara: $299

Marianne Mitchell, is the Director of Certification as well as the Director of Sacred Ceremony at the Institute of Modern Wisdom. She is an IMW-Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner and a KRI-Certified Kundalini Teacher in addition to other trainings and certifications. Marianne has been an avid cleanser for the past decade and has presented with the IMW Spring Cleanse since 2012. She is in private energy medicine practice in Asheville, NC .

Tara Matthews, L.Ac is a full time Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Provider, Energy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Visionary/Source Practitioner for Soul Body Ojai.

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