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The Dao of Stillness: Soul Body Ojai Silent Restorative Retreat

The Dao of Stillness: Soul Body Ojai Silent Restorative Retreat






6:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Facilitated by Tara Matthews, L.Ac, MDP

“Silence is a source of Great Strength.”
― Lao Tzu

We gather in the Winter, where we come face to face and heart to heart with our most deep and blessed self. The invitation is to meet yourself in the place before words. Before this body. Before this space shaped you and influenced your sacred sound. We will enter a space of purification unlike any other~ reattuned to our original state of astonishment and presence. And through this portal, we will meet our clearest relationship to intuition and high wisdom~ allowing Source to speak without interuption.
This will be a time of nourishment. Our physcial needs will be provided for, our space is placed within nature, and the soft intonation of your heart will be close~ and perhaps heard for the very first time.

This is an introductory retreat of silence (2 nights, one day with an opening and closing integration phase) and will be supported by:
~Spiritual Healing through the Practice of Silence
~ Daoist approaches to Wellness and Centering (Winter Seasonal Healing Practices)
~Restorative Kundalini Yoga
~A clean Winter diet that nourishes and destresses
~VisionWalk Experience
~A quiet, sacred space that offers ample time in nature
~A Sound Bath Reintroduction
~Gong Yoga Nidra
~Optional body and energetic work sessions during your stay, completed in silence to help you with your journey of restoration. (Acupuncture, Sat Nam Rasayan, and/orMassage Therapy)
~Shamanic Energy Circle
~Communicating from the Heart

Begins Friday at 6pm with Circle, Meditation and Gong (evening snacks and tea provided). (Silence begins.)
Saturday: Morning Yoga and Meditation, Breakfast, Freespace or Visionwalk, Lunch, Bodywork options or Freespace, Dinner, Yoga and Gong Yoga Nidra
Sunday: Sadhana, (Silence Ends) Morning Yoga for the Heart, Communicating from the Heart, Breakfast, Free Space, Shamanic Energy Circle.

Location: Spirithouse Ojai

Your facilitator:
Tara Matthews, L.Ac is an accomplished Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Trainer, and Practitioner, and student of sound and energy healing practices including the Gong, Sat Nam Rasayan, and Shamanic Energy Work Practices. A Yoga Teacher of over 20 years, she is devoted to the depth of her work and to the healing of her clients through multiple avenues and approaches that create the highest space and resonance possible. Her studies range from the esoteric to modern medicine and ultimately how all of these paths can be seen and understood to be one beautiful road to wellness and evolution.

Retreat with Meals and 2 Nights Lodging in your own room at SpiritHouse Ojai $595 ($495 before November 15th)

Retreat with Meals no lodging

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