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The Dao of Sound: Journey to the Whales of Baja California

The Dao of Sound: Journey to the Whales of Baja California






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Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Come with us on an adventure of large proportions! The Pacific Grey Whales of Baja California migrate to and from Alaska to Mexico to this very special part of the world. This part of Mexico is sacred and is the birthing grounds of the only Gray Whale population still migrating on Earth.
And it is our honor to invite you to the experience.

This is no ordinary excursion. There will be travel. There will be excellent company. There will be celebration. And mostly, there will be remembering. Whale Medicine holds the key to very deep connection to higher self~ the archives of our Yes are available for access in ways that are especially accessible. I know from experience. This will be my fifth journey to the whales of this lineage. And everytime, we have witnessed great opening to my own self and the activation of many others.

Travel with Tara Matthews, spaceholder of Soul Body Ojai, Gong sound practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. We will bring the offering of original sound with us. Several gongs will be our ambassadors. Sedna, the patroness of water, whales and the Akashic Records. Freyja, the Goddess of Love and Sacred Boundaries that invites self-realization, and perhaps a few more that will become guides voyages of water and spirit. Whale is breath and sound and opening. We will come adequately provisioned. The whales adore gong sound baths, and can hear resonances well outside the range of human hearing.

We will travel like gypsies, overnighting near the ocean, in a fishing village, within a sleepy oasis mission town, and near always, to the Gray Whales that will become part of your very heart.

There will be three opportunities to convene with the birth mothers and their new calves (who approach the boat for communion on their own!). Intimate, astonishing, and indescribably otherworldly. We will play, and then relax into an interspecies sound healing experience that amplifies the field of wonder and heart expansion, right there, with the whales and on and within the water.

You will come curious and open-hearted. And in return, you will recieve a sacred piece of your infinite majesty that will never be forgotten.


All transportation and most meals from San Diego California. (6 Days, 5 nights)

Morning Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Yoga Nidra

All permits and tickets for 3 Whale Excursions (with Gong)

Shamanic Circle Integration

Sweet Company and Excellent Adventure

Mystical Educational Experiences along the way

Deposit: $500

Full Registration: $1950 double occupancy

Until October 31st: $1850

Single Occupancy: $2450

Until October 31st: $2350

NEW! Monthly Payment Plan available until September:

Double Occupancy 6 Monthly Payments of $325

Single Occupancy 6 Monthly Payments of $408

Families with children staying in the same room: Special discounted rate, please contact me.

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