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Trauma Informed Yoga Series 2023 with Tara Matthews

Thu, Jan 12th - Thu, Dec 28th @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Soul Body Ojai

206 N. Signal St. Suite M
California ( CA )

When you consciously breathe, utilize techniques to work with the nervous system, and engage with yoga, you can increase your heart rate variability and tonify the vagus nerve, and that decreases stress. Yoga opens you up to feeling every aspect of your body’s sensations. It’s a gentle, safe way for people to befriend their bodies, where the trauma of the past is stored.

Yoga can be such an efficacious treatment for PTSD because it works with both the mind and the body, while also helping to forge a sense of safe community from which individuals can draw comfort and support. Alongside medication and psychotherapy, yoga  can be a valuable part of a person’s healing – as well as a self-care tool they can fall back on in their own time.

By combining a comprehensive knowledge of the neuroscience, psychology and physiology of trauma with yogic techniques, yoga can gently guide PTSD sufferers towards recovery in an informed and safe way. Furthermore, they can work within the framework of a wider treatment plan and help individuals fully engage with counselling or therapy.

This series will be facilitated by Tara Matthews, L.Ac, an acupuncturist and advanced Kundalini Yoga teacher with many decades experience with trauma related experiences and the healing yoga brings to survivors.

These classes will include space for sharing, meditation, yoga, and weekly journaling exercises.

This one year course can be taken as a series or by class.

Thursdays at 10am PT in person or online at Soultribeonline.com

In Person:
By class: $20
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By series (discounted rate)
40 Classes over 2023
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Online at Soultribeonline.com
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