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Unlock the Secrets to Healthy Weight Loss

Wed, Mar 8th - Wed, Apr 26th @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

An 8-week program for busy women who want to lose weight & feel great!

In this 8 Week Program, you will:

  • Learn how to make healthy, simple meals that are tasty, filling, and energizing so you always feel good in your body
  • Overcome cravings, snacking, and emotional eating so can enjoy the food you eat without guilt
  • Develop healthy ways to manage stress and improve your sleep so you are able to make healthy food choices

What’s Included

Live Weekly Zoom calls: Each call is a combination of training and coaching

Community of Amazing Women: In our private FB group, you’ll check in daily to get support, share wins, and post your weekly practices. Plus you’ll have direct and ongoing access to Jana!

Access to Library of 100s of Healthy, Tasty, RecipesA treasure trove of hand-selected, tested recipes that are easy to make, filling, and don’t require hours in the kitchen!

Meal Planning Template: Make meal planning easy and fun with customizable meal plan templates.

Journal & Workbook: Mindfulness practice workbook and journal to keep you on track to reach your goals

Mindfulness Tools: Learn to enjoy your food and feel less stressed using mindful eating practices

Small Group: Limited to 8 women to provide individualized support

Weekly Topics

WEEK 1: Create an Aligned vision

Get clarity on your vision and goals. How do you want to feel? 

Introduction to the art and science of mindful eating


  • Develop greater awareness of hunger and fullness
  • Identify which foods work for you and which foods don’t

—–>Experience and enjoy the food you eat without guilt

WEEK 3-5

  • Rewire habit loops: identify triggers and cravings and develop tools to manage them
  • Transform your health one meal at a time

—–>Avoid mindless snacking and emotional eating

WEEK 6-7

  • Optimize sleep & reduce stress 
  • Meal planning and prepping that works for you

—–>Meet your needs in ways more satisfying than eating

WEEK 8: Integration

Bringing it all together

—–>Manage your relationship with food for life!


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