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Winter Attunement Cleanse with Tara Matthews, L.Ac

Winter Attunement Cleanse with Tara Matthews, L.Ac






6:15 am - 7:15 am



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The Winter Season is foundationally one of Nourishment and Repair. It is the Season of turning within and allowing our bodies to surrender to the depths of our availability. This is the time of year to reflect on our health, replenish our energy and conserve our strength. In Chinese Medicine, we work with the Energy, or Qi of the Kidneys and Adrenals and create warmth and balance. A Cleanse at this time of year is powerful if gently facilitated and can repair past damage and nourish the seed of our Wholeness and highest health.
Kundalini Yoga has been utilized to build, nourish and regenerate the human body for thousands of years. Through ancient technology, we will repair imbalance, gently purify, and structurally rebuild the body’s integrity within the gentle approach of Expanding Light…deep Winter awakening to progressively longer days as we renew and transform all of the body: physical, emotional and energetic. Our Winter Purification Ritual will celebrate the depth and breadth of this time of the year, through the subtle catharsis of a seasonal dietary regimen and the powerful nourishment of a Daily Practice. Our yoga and meditation is one of stress mitigation and Adrenal strengthening. Our purification diet is warm, simple, and nourishing.
Some of our most powerful Remembering comes in the depth of the Wintery Cave. When the body and subconscious is balanced, the listening is powerful.
Tuning into the inner sanctum of the Heart…does It resonate with Purification of a higher caliber? Sanctify the Body to resonate with the Heart. This is a Ritual Date with a nourishing Destiny.
This 21 Day Winter Purification will include:
Morning Check-in calls designed to be efficient, informative, supportive and recorded. (Monday thru Friday at 6:15AM PT and Saturday and Sunday at 7:15AM PT)
Simplified Dietary Guidelines that are seasonal and nourishing without purgatives or harsh restrictions. We will reset the artificial cravings, tonify the adrenals and endrocrine system, reverse aging patterns, and move into the Winter Cave of complete renewal.
Online Community Page for real time communication, support and recipe downloads.
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice by video direct to your mobile device chosen and designed by Tara to specifically facilitate the Purification and Regeneration of the Whole Integrated Body System for the Winter Season.
Winter Visioning, Group Meditation Call and unlimited support on your path.
Optional 21 Day Meditation for Transforming Stress into Healing
Yogic Cleansing Guidance and Winter Chinese Medicinal Augmentation.
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