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Winter Solstice Ceremony with Alison Eakin

Winter Solstice Ceremony with Alison Eakin






6:00 pm - 8:30 pm




Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Winter Solstice Ceremony

You are invited to join Alison McKelvie Eakin at Soul Body Ojai for a gathering to honor the season of the Winter Solstice and Yuletide.  This turn of the wheel brings in a time for celebration, fire, feasting and also turning inward.  We will gather together on the Saturday before Solstice in the evening to honor this moment of inward reflection- just as the sun pauses before a new year will be born.


We will begin our ceremony with an opening circle sharing from our hearts where we are and what our intentions are.

The participants will then lay down as Alison guides them through a visualization and breathwork mediation.  Alison will use the sound of her drum- like the heartbeat of the earth to guide The Way as we weave through the dreamtime.  Together we will enter the dark womb cave of consciousness to prepare like the bears for our hibernation and dreamtime with the Great Mystery.  We will bring the light of consciousness to illuminate the shadows within our own psyches.  With the Divine Light of LOVE we can see clearly some of the false beliefs that we have been carrying.  Alison will help the participants to shed those layers that are no longer serving.  All that we are willing to let go of, we can offer to the fires that will soon bring the dawning of a new year.

After this journey the participants are invited to relax on their mats and enjoy the healing sounds washing over and cleansing them. Alison will incorporate the sounds of the gongs, singing bowls, hand pan, rattles and flute.  We will bask in the brilliance of this new vibration and anchor the feeling of LOVE within our bodies.


Please bring –

a yoga mat or blanket to lay on,

a layer to cover with if you tend to get cold,

(optional) a journal if you like

(optional) a scarf or eye cover if you prefer


Winter Solstice Ceremony

Guided Breathwork Meditation and

Sound Healing

With Alison McKelvie Eakin

Saturday December 17

Soul Body Ojai

6:00 -8:30 pm

Suggested Donation $33


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Alison McKelvie Eakin is the mother of three children and lives on a homestead in the Valley of the Moon, the land where the Chumash live.  Her ancestors come from the Isle of Aaron and the lands of Stonehenge.  Alison is a devotee of the Goddess and believes that by reconnecting with Mother Nature we can heal ourselves.  Alison has been studying the healing arts for over two decades which has led her around the globe to study with many masters. She lived in India training in Yoga asana, pranayama and ayurveda healing.  She has spent time in the amazon rainforest with Shamans and trained in Qi Gong with one of China’s leading Kung Fu masters.  For the past 3 years Alison has been apprenticing under the last living Powhatan shaman who has been struck by lightning twice.


Alison believes that healing is a returning to our true divine nature and that all of us have the capacity to experience the beauty of LOVE.  She is committed to keeping the stories and seeds alive that feed the holy in nature and teaching others how to be a clear channel for LOVE.

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