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Baleigh has been a deeply spiritual and empathic person since she was a little girl. She is inspired by natures ability to heal its self and recognized that we all have the same ability. She has spent many years of her life dedicated to this understanding and to the unfoldment of the inner self. She is a licensed holistic esthetician and educated in Ayurvedic studies. She is also certified in both Reki and reflexology. She has created a unique and authentic approach to self care and wellness by incorporating her acquired skills as well as sound healing and aromatherapy to customize every facial. You will leave with a deep sense of healing on all levels. Physical, emotional, mental and energetically with glowing luminous healthy skin. She invites you into her sacred space to experience the unfolding depths of healing.

~Nadi facial treatment. This unique one hour treatment will cover the bases of a cleanse, scrub and Masque using all organic products. Utilizing Ayurvedic modalities and technique such as “Kansa” to massage the face and head. This helps drain the lymphatic sys. Release toxins in the skin and moves bodies electrical current. This also includes aromatherapy and reiki to help center and ground your energy. While finishing with sound healing to bring you present and in your body. You will leave this treatment feeling centered and deeply cleansed with healthy, hydrated skin.
~Samadhi facial treatment- Building off of the Nadi facial. This 1.5 hour treatment will extend more depth into the healing arts of Reiki and Reflexology. This treatment is more than just a facial. This is healing on all levels. Mind, body and the energetic self. To bring all into balance and allowing deep healing and alignment. You will feel as if you’ve had an “energetic adjustment”. This is a very nurturing and giving treatment for those who want to maintain a balanced and peaceful state. Or for those who finding their self care journeys in life.
~Microdermabrasion facial- One hour treatment. This Machine is diamond tipped, and gently exfoliates the surface layer of dead skin, dirt and debris. Bringing blood to the surface it will aid in skin cell turnover and circulation. Also removing any sun damage or sun spots that are just on the surface layer. This facial will be very similar to the Nadi treatment. This treatment is great for dry skin, Gives rejuvenation to the skin and a radiant glow.

Nadi facial treatment-60 min-$95.
Samadhi facial treatment-90 min-$165.
Deep cleanse microderm-60 min- $145.
Brow wax-20 min-$25

Certified holistic Esthetician, reiki and Reflexology. Educated in the healing arts of Ayurveda and modalities such as Kansa, As well as herbal medicine, aromatherapy and sound healing.