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Cheryl McCallister is a lifelong, multidimensional Intuitive, Energy Alchemist, Divine Channel, and Transformational Coach. For over two decades, she has dedicated herself to the intuitive, conscious-based healing and consulting field. Her work seamlessly integrates her multifaceted intuitive and energy alchemy gifts, divine channeling capacities, and her higher education in Contemplative Somatic Psychology.

She has apprenticed with well known healers and teachers including renowned Energy Healer Cyndi Dale, Healing Touch Instructor and Healing Beyond Borders Board Member Lisa Anselm RN, BLS, HN-BC, CHTP/I, Five Element Acupuncturist, Plant Spirit Healer and Naropa University Professor Marlow Brooks, Consciousness Leader Rikka Zimmerman , and Intuitive Art Therapist and HNLP trainer Jolynn Van Austin Ph.D, as well as trained with other hidden gems in the healing arts field. Cheryl holds numerous certifications in energy medicine healing including four year long apprenticeships in intuitive energy healing, shamanic studies, transformational coaching, certification in HNLP/ brain-based transformation, and studies in meditation, soul retrieval, past life healing, IFS, inner child healing, parts and shadow integration, core transformation, breath work, and plant spirit healing.

Her natural intuitive abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance and are often directed based on the client’s specific needs within a session such as body based healing using medical intuition, to channeling divine guidance, healing frequency, and light language to collapse timeliness and limiting, even destructive forces inside ones energetic architecture.

Cheryl is not your typical intuitive energy healer and brain based transformational coach. She is a teacher and healer at heart. Clients leave their appointment with actionable steps and a little more knowledge for working with themselves in real life situations, so they can use their life experience as the medicine to heal their soul. Cheryl best serves souls on the spiritual path who are ready for true healing, by diving for light, unpacking the suitcase of their soul, releasing the spiritual ego and spiritual bypass structures, to fully embrace the return journey home to their sovereign Sacred Self.

“It is everyones birthright to know freedom, abundance, joy, and real, authentic love that comes from living their soul’s divine destiny. My purpose is to stand inside love and joy of the divine feminine to see the sacred, authentic, beautiful you underneath all the costumes, protections, and ego personas, to help you set yourself free to be the real you – The Sacred You.”

Read more about Cheryl’s personal spiritual journey, full bio, and credentials at www.cherylmccallister.com

For a complete description of services offered by Cheryl McCallister, please visit www.cherylmccallister.com

Free Gifts & Offerings @ www.cherylmccallister.com including:
Empowered Energy Cord Clearing and Audio Facilitation w/PDF Book
The Harmonics of You Guided Audio Facilitation
Channeled Soul Goals Energy Alignment & PDF Book

Services Include:
Divine Prescriptions Membership:
The Divine Prescriptions Membership is a sacred, non-judgmental, compassionate community of like-minded souls on the spiritual path who want to receive divine medicine through regular ongoing spiritual guidance, higher vibrational activations, and energetic alchemical healings, to help them live their best, most joy-filled life aligned in their highest self.
For more information visit, https://www.cherylmccallister.com/divine-prescriptions

Intuitive Consultations with Energy Alchemy: Includes One Month Free Divine Prescriptions Membership and a Guided Audio Facilitation & Meditation to prepare for your appointment.

Intuitive Consultations are an intuitive reading of a particular situation and the energetic architecture that is creating a clients current reality, sense of self, state of being, and life experience in order to help change a personal struggle associated with a particular life category and area of concern. Our energetic architecture and associated core structures manifest our future potentialities and current life experience, often creating automatic and unconscious “repeating realities”. If you’re not happy with your current reality in any life area, then an Intuitive Consultation with Energy Alchemy is the opportunity to receive spiritual guidance, heal, and upgrade your energetic architecture for true change.

Session Format & Flow:
Together, aligned in source love energy we will set a sacred co-creative container on your behalf to receive the help of beautiful, loving, non-physical beings and tend to the messages of your Soul. These messages are being communicated to you through your longings, desires, wishes, lack of clarity, discomfort, frustrations, problems, confusion, or disharmony in a situation that falls under one of the six life categories for Intuitive Consultations with Energy Alchemy.

We will look at the energetics of one specific area of concern, receive the soul messages and spiritual guidance for that situation. Then with spiritual support, alchemize the energy holding the problem in place, for transformation. As the energetic architecture holding the problem in place shifts, your consciousness shifts and you can experience peace in the present moment, receive a new perspective, new path, and effortlessly manifest a different version of reality in that life category. A reality in harmony with love, joy, freedom, and the ease.

Six Life Categories to Choose From:
Relationships & Love
Body Mind Health
Abundance Finances Money
Career Life Purpose Passion Business
The Highly Sensitive Soul
Ascension Awakenings & Spiritual Pathway
For more information visit, https://www.cherylmccallister.com/intuitive-consultations-energy-alchemy

Intimacy Soul Session:

Intimacy Soul Sessions look beyond the veil to the bright light of your authentic essence, which holds your Soul’s Codes and the Seeds of Destiny that you came to plant, cultivate, and birth as your joyful life. Intimacy Soul Sessions can offer you an entirely new possibility and perspective by helping you remember and even reignite a thriving, passionate relationship with your True Self, setting you on the path to Emerge as the fullest expression of your Joyful Authentic Self.

After looking inside to see “you”, I will relay the vision and messages from your Soul to help you attune to your true essence. We’ll open to receive divine guidance and read the core structures and patterns that require transformation for repairing and healing your energetic architecture, in order to support your full true self emergence. You will leave the session being fully seen and witnessed as the brilliant light being you came here to be with your unique essence. You will be provided with actionable steps to begin reclaiming your life force energy so you can cultivate a life that welcomes your Real Self into the space. For more information visit https://www.cherylmccallister.com/intuitive-consultations-energy-alchemy

Transformational Soul Coaching:

The Transformational Soul Coaching journey is for those ready to deep dive and transform their overall life. The Soul Transformation Journey is about saying yes to yourself and your freedom, so you can truly experience the life, relationships, health, body, abundance, and peace of mind that you desire and to manifest your Soul’s Destiny. It’s about getting off the hamster wheel of repeating patterns and raising into an entirely new dimension of life and love.

This journey is a deep dive helping you break free from painful limitations and energy structures unconsciously running you, so you can emerge as the free, joyful, unique, butterfly you were always destined to be. When we are tired, unsatisfied, or disheartened with any area of life, feeling not enough, then a healing restoration and transformation is calling to us. Receive the transformational energies unique to you, tend to your soul’s garden, learn personal tools for healing, and experience true self- intimacy.
For more information visit, https://www.cherylmccallister.com/the-soul-transformation-journey

Angel Meditations with Group Intuitive Channeling & Guidance:

This is a group format for receiving Intuitive Insights, Divine Guidance, and Channeled Energy Healing Frequency and Activations with the Angels and non-physical helpers. Together, we will open a sacred container to call in higher spiritual guidance, insight, teachings, and support from the upper realms of love and above. Cheryl will answer personal questions for clarity and healing, then close the gathering with an energy healing transmission and channeled meditation from the Angels of Love and Above.

These gatherings are a beautiful opportunity to experience Cheryl’s work, receive an energetic tuneup, healing, spiritual guidance, cultivate new relationships, and even learn to activate your own inner guidance system to receive clear intuitive messages for yourself. Participant questions are what make this gathering so special and unique, and each participant question and the spiritual guidance is applicable to all other attendees. When two or more gather to open a sacred container, sending out a clarion call for new possibilities, the doorway to love and above answers.

Table Energy Alchemy Healing: Includes 20 Minute preparation phone call to prepare for table session.

Hands on and off energy healing using Cheryl’s vast array of energy healing modalities to cleanse the chakra system, subtle body energy anatomy, and support healing for the body, mind, emotions, and soul. Table sessions may include breath work, psychic surgery, shamanic clearing, somatic trauma release, parts work, and spiritual support from divine helpers to untangle energy patterns within the energy field through other dimension and timelines.

Embody The Sacred Alchemy of You: Course Coming 2024

Heal all the unconscious ways you abandon yourself for external love and fall into Big Love.

1:1 Intuitive Consultations with Energy Alchemy: Includes Two Months Divine Prescriptions Membership & Guided Audio Energy Preparation Meditation – 50 Min. $488.00

Transformational Soul Coaching: Discovery Session 30 – 45 Mins. – $0.00

6 Months @ 12 x 90 min. Coaching Sessions w/ content material, Divine Prescriptions Membership, emergency calls – Monthly Installments: $895.00

1:1 Table Energy Alchemy Healing, includes a 20 Minute Discovery Call: 90 Min Session – $333.00

Monthly: 2 x 90 Min Table Energy Alchemy Sessions, w/20 min Discovery Call: $588.00

Group: Angel Meditations with Group Intuitive Channeling & Guidance: 90 Min- 2Hours – $44.00

Educational Background

B.A. Contemplative Psychology ~ Concentration in Somatic Psychology
Certified Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP)
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Advanced Transformational Life Coach 2024-2025 Training
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner ~ 3 Recertifications
Apprenticeship & Two Advanced Apprenticeships in Energy Healing
Shaman in the Heavenly Universe Certification
Certified Integrative Energy Therapy
Reiki i & ii
600 Hours of Yoga Training
Internal Family Systems Study
Shadow Work Study
Plant Spirit Healing & Five Element Psychology
Advanced Psych-K
Core Transformation
Certified Angel Therapist
Wholistic Health Studies
Breathwork Trainings
Meditation Trainings
Ceremony Guardian in Training
Continued Education, Trainings & Courses with Leading Edge Thought Leaders & Teachers