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Keely has been on a fast track of spiritual evolution. In a matter of several years after a dark night of the soul experience she has gained extensive knowledge, experience, and education in many matters of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

After this dark night of the soul experience, it was like all of the lights in the house began to turn on. She became in touch (again) with the deeply intuitive and empathetic side of herself who had become lost. Through courses and certification programs such as Reiki mastery, trauma informed care, emotion code, body code, and some others in present pursuit, Keely began to hone in her clairvoyant gifts, and began to develop practices with intuitive reading, energy healing in reiki, emotion code, and body code.

Keelys passion is to assist others in finding their internal light. When we can dig deep into ourselves, all that we have experienced that makes us unique in who we are, what is there that supports the individual you choose to be, and what no longer serves this phase of your journey. With the blend of modalities she uses, she can assist you find and clear anything that is still alive within you that is holding you back from your highest state of being.

These can be self limiting beliefs, ancestral wounding, traumatic experiences, trapped emotional energy, attachment wounds, energy blockages, misalignments, or imbalances within the body, and much more.

Together, she can assist you to returning to your authentic state of light, embracing your own intuition, and taking part in your healing experience.

In an intuitive or clairvoyant reading, we can look at the energy around the topic of your choosing and see what comes through. I connect with the great archangels, my guides, and occasionally one of your loved ones on the other side will get my attention to deliver a message to you. I can use cards, scan your chakras, or just sit within your energetic field, or a blend of all three to facilitate these readings.

For energy healing in emotion code, or body code. I typically start the session with 15-30 minutes to speak about what is the loudest for you in your current experience. Whether this be physical pain, emotional pain, a belief system, a blockage, etc and together we come up with a question (or two) to ask your subconscious mind. I will then use muscle testing and the emotion code or body code systems to find the energies, emotions, or misalignments still living in your body causing the imbalances and then clear them using the governing meridian within the body coupled with affirmations and quantum energy healing. First sessions are typically 90 minutes. Follow ups can be 30 to 60 minutes.

I later will email you session notes to review what we together found and cleared.

I will typically use reiki during my readings, and emotion code and body code to help facilitate these other modalities. However if you choose to have n intuitive reiki session I usually begin focus around the chakras and let my intuition guide me to where in the body needs healing whether that be the physical or energetic planes.

For an animal healing session I usually start the session with a brief discussion of what your animal is experiencing and what your desired goal is for the session. I will tap into your animals energy field and use the body code system and clairvoyance to determine how to best help your animal release any energies that are affecting them. I will email you the notes of what we released during the session. At this time animal sessions are only done at a distance.
All of these services can be done in person or at a distance.

Intuitive/ clairvoyant reading:
$125 / 60 minutes $65 / 30 minutes (only for return clients)

Energy healing – Reiki, emotion code, body code:
$225 / 90 minutes
$150 / 60 minutes
$75 / 30 minutes (only for return clients)

Animal energy healing with reiki, emotion code, body code:
$75 / 30 minutes (done at a distance only)

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