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I am a psychotherapist and nature enthusiast! I have been licensed by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences since 2010 specializing in anxiety, depression and trauma. I have served as a Clinician, Clinical Program Manager, Director, Adjunct Professor, Trainer and Consultant in multiple mental heath inpatient and outpatient programs, Universities, Human Rights Associations and Law Enforcement Agencies. I currently continue to provide clinical expertise as a Clinician, Clinical Consultant, and Trainer.

My work here in Ojai is designed to assist those looking to transcend emotional barriers in a holistic manner reaching community members who have suffered from psychological trauma (grief or strife), physical trauma (fires and other disasters) and may be experiencing relational difficulties (including loving your beautiful self), emotional difficulties and even spiritual crisis. I have designed Walkabout Ojai, one of the services I offer, as an eco-therapeutic process to ease acute and chronic stress by engaging in a natural setting, walking side by side on a trail, and exploring thoughts, emotions and actions leading to personal insight about both yourself and the world around you. Therapy is a gradual process of growth that challenges you to consider new perspectives and to learn to practice self compassion. This process is enhanced as you calmly exercise both your body and your mind in the beautiful natural surroundings of Ojai. You will learn new tools to regain a healthy flexible outlook, which will in turn change the dynamics of your relationship with yourself and those around you.

I have been trained in multiple modes of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which I find most effective in individual therapy. It is the basic underpinning of most evidenced based practices used today, including mindfulness. In CBT we work to explore your stressors, the thoughts (and judgements) behind them, and how they affect you. We then study and challenge these thoughts along with a new way to perceive challenging input and feedback to create a healthy and flexible sense of self to free yourself of harmful cognitions, enabling you to reach your full potential. Together with mindfulness walks and observation exercises, your body and mind grow in sync providing you with peace of mind and harmony in and of the moment. More information on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eco-therapy is provided on the “Helpful Information and Resources” section of my website, www.walkaboutojai.com.

Consultation, Individual Therapy (traditional and eco-therapy), Group Therapy (traditional and eco-therapy), Clinical Supervision and Consultation, Assessments and Retreats.

Consultations – 30 mins – Complimentary
Individual Walkabout Therapy Session – 50 min – $110
Individual In Room (traditional) Therapy Session – 50 min – $165
Group Walkabout Therapy – 60 mins – $30
Group In Room (traditional) Therapy – 60 mins – $45
Clinical Supervision – 60 mins – $80
Assessments – 120 mins – $300
Retreats – TBD

High School Diploma, Ojai Valley School, Ojai, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Drew University, Madison, NJ
Masters of Social Work, University of Denver, Denver CO
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California Board of Behavioral Sciences
Culture and Adventure Travel throughout the World