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Teagan is an Embodiment Facilitator, Voice Activation Guide, Actor and Creator.

She has always been a high creative and has been a professional performer for 15 years. For her, the performing arts are so much more than entertainment, they are avenues for divine freedom and self understanding. Through the sharing of stories, and the embodiment of different manifestations of humanness, she has learned about the rich intricacies of life from the inside out, with empathy, playfulness, and curiosity.

She fell in love with ecstatic dance and contact improvisation 5 years ago, which further supported her in awakening beyond cultural norms and expectations. Free-form movement influenced free-form vocal and emotional expression influenced free-form thought and creativity influenced greater alignment between her soul and her body. She believes that the exploration of the body, voice, emotions, and the movement of creative life force energy, have the potential to connect each of us with our truest and most liberated selves.

Her mission is to support people in connecting more deeply to their sense of home in their body, to their truth, and to their primal creativity. She feels supercharged and humbled to be of service in this way.

Sessions specialize in Emotional Liberation and Integration, Self Love and Self Understanding, Energetic Balancing, Holistic Lifestyles, Vocal Alchemy, Inner Illumination & Archetype Embodiment, and Cultivation of Creative Life Force Energy.

Each session is unique and is catered to the individual. The sessions may include movement, sound, breath work, emotional release, visualization, meditation, archetype embodiment, energetic clearing, and intuitive flow. The sessions are a full permission space, where we invite anything that supports the individual in connecting more fully and authentically with their Body and their Truth.

Embodiment, Voice Activation, Performance:

60 min – $90
90 min – $120

For each session I allow a 15 minute grace period at the end to allow for any additional grounding or integration that may be needed.

Embodied Dance Temple Keepers Training with Mana Mei.
WildGrace Foundations Training with Sigourney Belle, Kathryn Rollins and Saya Hayashi
Journeys of Wisdom Holistic Coaching with John McMullan.
BFA in Performance from the University of Michigan.
Professional Actor/Performer 15 years.
Dance and Contact Improvisation 6 years.
A member of Actor’s Equity and SAG-AFTRA.