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Sharmila began her journey into the Spiritual Arts as a child after reading the children’s book The Ghost of Windy Hill. She became fascinated with all things psychic and interacting with the Other Side. Throughout her young adult life this fascination found her delving into spiritual techniques to help her understand her purpose in life, and learning about psychic abilities. Different meditation techniques ultimately became key to developing a deeper sense inner peace for herself and understanding the connection with mind, body and spirit.

She discovered Reiki after her dear friend passionately recommended she take a level 1 class. This class blew the doors open to many of the clairs: clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

She practiced Reiki on herself regularly and she felt like gold was pouring out of her hands; she could heal her broken heart, heal her friends headache and soothe any anxieties and worries about life all through the power of touch. She realized that her empathic nature and intuition had a place in the world which she instills in her students and clients. It’s this knowledge that she happily passes on to help create inner peace and validation for them.

You can often find Sharmila hiking, or dancing her heart out while covered in cat hair from nuzzling with her feline friends.

Sharmila’s students and clients often describe their sessions with her as “profound, magical, powerful and insightful.” She has been serving in the Ojai community for over a decade, drawing in people from all over the world to help them re-ignite their creativity, listen to their intuition and to tap into the power of the Universe to become intuitive healers.

Sharmila has taught Reiki workshops all over the world, and conducts her sessions in-person and over the phone.

Sharmila has a Bachelors of Science in Journalism, is a Reiki Master Teacher and is also a certified California massage therapist, and a certified Bio-Energetic CranialSacral practitioner. She is also a trained Akashic Record Reader.

To celebrate the new year, I have something exciting to offer:
Hugs from the Universe
These will be live broadcasts of spiritual self-care gatherings where you get to sit back and relax as I channel love and hugs from the Universe in the form of guided meditations, energy updates from the Akashic Records and a group energy clearing and healing.

When: Every 2nd and last Friday of the month at 11 am P.S.T.

This will be a member-only site, and for the introductory price of $1/month,for the first 3 months you will be able to:
— attend the live broadcasts and receive Hugs From the Universe
—download the recordings to re-watch and keep
—broadcasts will be twice a month, 60 minutes long
—make requests for healing and guided meditations