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Ojai is slowly but surely opening back up. We are happy to be able to extend our services as this happens. Serving you is our greatest joy.

Please join us for a lovely Spring Equinox Weekend of sound and yoga, Spring Attunement Cleanse and so much more!  And remember, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, energy work, massage therapy and yoga and sound private therapy is available for you and your small group.

Check out this great interview with Jennifer, Tara & Mehtab about the upcoming STO Teacher Training that begins March 19!


Also…Don’t miss The Confident Healer Podcasts!

Have you listened? Catch up on the last 9 healers. Each one of these have an amazing story tell, they overcame traumatic events in their life, worked on their healing themselves and ended up answering their true calling of being a healer. Of course they are still human, lose confidence get scared at life’s curveballs, but they found their unique way to work through obstacles, and each person is amazing!

Here are a few examples of the many golden nuggets in each of these episodes:
– Sofia Wren and Tamara Miller Davis (Ojai local) talk about writing as a healing tool and finding the confidence to publishing their first novel.
-Shawna Bluestar talks about how finding confidence to share her messages and the teachings about the effects of colonization and being your true self.
-Lotus Sky talks about how she was cut off from her family for coming out to them when she was in college, worked in tech, and claiming her intuitive abilities and start a healing business.

Infuse your mind with uplifting conversations, take us with you on your commute or your work-out.