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Giving Back

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Soul Body Ojai is happy to be of service to our community through our actions.  We maintain a free, community sadhana every Sunday morning to elevate and give to anyone who would like to experience the technology of Kundalini Yoga without charge.

Our teachers also participate in our volunteer seva program for CalFire's parolee firefighter training program in Ventura.  Every Saturday we teach at the facility and share techniques that help with stress reduction, addiction mediation, and overall wellness.  At one time, the facility was a prison fire camp where we also provided classes.  It has now evolved into a program for former inmates to learn basic fire training and we are happy to continue our relationship with this program as it transforms lives.  Soul Body Ojai is grateful to elevate future firefighters and keep them healthy!

All of our teachers are encouraged to participate with these opportunities as we believe a Yoga Teacher practices all forms of yoga in their life.

CalFire | www.soubodyojai.com