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Meet Devon Sophia Delaney

Devon Sophia Delaney is a holistic teacher, as well as a sound and energy practitioner.  She began her study of metaphysics over 15 years ago, received her first Reiki attunement and began working with energy, sound and vibrational medicine over 7 years ago. 

Devon is a Certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, and Licensed K-12 Special needs/Art educator.  She studied Kundalini Yoga since 2008, and from Currently, she is in Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, completing in October 2021 and is attending Gong and Advanced Gong Training in September 2021. 

Her studies in Sound and Vibrational medicine began with a sound practitioner training with White Eagle Medicine Woman in Alaska.  She offers Toning Circles, Sound Baths and sessions. Toning circles begin with vocal chakra and energy alignment, chanting and develop into beautiful harmonization of sounds and frequencies.  Devon attended her first toning circle in 2016, and began hosting and/or co-facilitating toning circles around Northern California, Mount Shasta, and currently offers toning training and sound baths in Ventura County.  Devon works with the electro-magnetic energy field and tuning forks to clear, attune and align your energy.

Devon attunes to nature, sacred geometry, solfeggios, crystal and crystal bowls, and her ocean drum to bring forth tones, frequencies and vibrational alignment for you through her voice.

Devon has a Masters in Education, and has supported hundreds of youth of all ages to learn to read and is available for education consulting for families by appointment.  For many years, she taught as a special education teacher in diverse learning environments.  She is available for your family for Starseed Tutoring to support children to learn and thrive on their soul path.

Devon has studied the sacred and sacred geometry through movement, art, and vibration. Devon Sophia is attuned to the vibrational energies of the divine feminine and rose frequencies, and brings this awareness, essence and unification to her wellness practices for body and soul.

She also may support clients dealing with trauma, grief, divorce, insomnia and anxiety through coaching, yoga embodiment practice, and vibrational and energy medicine alignment to experience greater relief and peace, freedom, joy and self-empowerment.

Devon Sophia is available for a free online 15 minute consultation, book online and receive event updates at devonsophia.com and/or book online at heal.me/… or call 805-515-8732 to schedule an in-person sound and energy alignment sessions at Soul Body in Ojai. 

The Power of Mantra

Summertime is connected with the Heart; its expansion, its healing, its open and life transforming medicine. In Chinese Medicine, the Heart Meridian is connected with the tongue.  This is one of the reasons why mantra, chanting, and singing opens and heals the heart.  The heart manifests through the movement and vibration of language.  Words can wound and words can heal.

Mantra can soothe anxiety and create more space for joy.  Some mantras target specific chakras and heal the physical body.  Consistent practice of mantra activates the nadi system, the channels and meridians where prana or vital energy, flows.  In Western Medicine, mantra soothes the central nervous system, boosts the immune system, and helps with addiction.

All of reality is composed of vibration.  Sound is energy.  Repeating high vibration sound produces a similar frequency in your body that gives form.  When combined with intention, profound effect can transform life perspective.  Ancient mantras were discovered by practitioners during deep states of meditation. Early mantras are thought to be derived from a space of practical help from the universe and some practitioners only knew one or two their entire lives.When you chant, chant with intention, allowing the idea and empowerment of the mantra permeate your subconscious, bringing you closer to a healing state.

Many of our yoga classes offer mantra as part of the practice.  Join in person or online to begin to experience the medicine of such work, allowing the season of summer to carry you in to a heart healing experience.

Meet Francesca Michelle Gold!

Francesca Michelle Gold is a Certified Clinical Yoga Therapist through Loyola Marymount University and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In addition to her 1,000+ hour Yoga Therapy training, she has studied at the 500-hour level through the Himalayan Institute (founded by Swami Rama) and is completing her Master of Arts in Yoga Studies through Loyola Marymount University (BA Psychology). She’s a former world-class level Roller Figure Skater and continues to teach at the ‘Ojai Skate Club.’ She’s lived in India off and on for two years and can’t wait to get back to see her friends and teachers and spend time in a place that is dear to her heart. Francesca’s a beginner Hindi speaker and has learned to read and write Sanskrit.

A Yoga Therapy session offers you a chance to sharpen your self-inquiry skills, develop compassion for yourself and your path, learn new ways to approach healing, and engage in preventative care. Having overcome immense mental wellness challenges in her short life (addiction, severe depression, panic attacks, suicidal ideations, PTSD), Francesca offers a down-to-earth/intuitive/clinically informed approach that can hopefully help you get to the root of why you’re booking her for a session. Yoga Therapy can address a variety of ailments in an integrative way: injury recovery after the acute phase, lessons in posture and proper breathing, developing a connection to a higher power, and much, much more. LGBTQIA+ friendly. www.namenah.com.

Francesca Gold, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YTRx-1000, MA Yoga Studies ’22

Dive Deeper with Susan von Thun

I’ve spent decades as a scientist—I’m a deep-sea biologist and science communicator for my day job—and as a yoga and meditation practitioner. I’ve been diving deep into my life lessons and practicing a variety of tools that will help me grow and I love to share those findings with others. As I continue the practice of bringing the spiritual and logical into harmony in my own life, I’ve realized that these two aspects work best together as a collaborative experience and I want my students and clients to live that experience as well. As a result, all of my offerings feature very practical and effective techniques for moving energy to open students up to their own inner guidance and intuition.

I am a Hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, an intuitive healer, a certified master in Usui and Kundalini Reiki, and other advanced reiki techniques. More recently, I studied advanced energy healing techniques in a Mystery School through Mansion of the Heart University and another course called Light School where I’ve connected more deeply to the Cosmic energies available for us to activate for healing. I love to geek out about and share tools for connecting with your energetic anatomy, light codes, and astrology. I’ve found that the more open I am to different perspectives and techniques, the more I connect with my Higher Self. This is why I teach short (45-minute), yet effective classes on STO that always include a 5-10 minute relaxation in which I transmit healing energies for every student—whether you’re there live or watching in the class archive. The human body and energetic field are incredibly resilient and capable of so much more than we are taught in our culture. I am so passionate about exposing students/clients to tools and energies that might be exactly what they need but didn’t even know it! Join me on Mondays at 7 pm, in my Tune into your Self Tribe

Welcome New Practitioner Natalie Wohlstadter, C-AP, ryt-200, BFA

Natalie began her journey with the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga with her own self-healing. She was first exposed to the powerful and inspiring teachings of Ayurveda in the sacred land of Nepal during an immersive Yoga Teacher training course.

Having consulted western doctors, therapists and psychiatrists for a variety of her own physical and mental ailments, Natalie wanted to take full responsibility of her health by learning a system which deeply resonated with the frequency of her soul; the complimentary sister sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga.

As she learned and applied Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy in her daily life, she started to witness the radical transformation within herself and her relationships. Natalie enrolled in Mas Vidal’s Ayurveda & Yoga Counselor program, which eventually took her to India for a more intensive study. Still longing for deeper immersion in Ayurveda, she found her teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad, at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she completed the full 2 Year NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner Program. Upon graduation she returned to India to become a Trained Panchakarma Technician under the guidance of Dr. Lad at his Ashram in Pune.

With faith and determination in following the teachings and guidance of Dr. Lad through the use of custom Ayurvedic herbal formulations, diet, and lifestyle, Natalie regained her physical and mental equilibrium, rooted firmly in the application of Ayurvedic & Yogic principles in her daily life. Through her own healing journey she experienced the power of self-discipline, patience, faith, and the importance of consistent study of Ayurveda. Natalie is determined and inspired to help guide her clients in regaining their willpower, strength, motivation and courage to achieve their personal physical, mental & spiritual goals, and arrive at a place of balance and equilibrium.

Guiding clients in the field of self-knowing, self-awareness, and finding deeper connection with themselves and others while developing self-empowerment, self-love, and self-discipline are pivotal in her clinical practice. Natalie holds a tender and sacred space in her consultations and treatments, radiating utmost understanding, heart-centered compassion and care for each client’s personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Listening, acknowledging and connecting with her clients, Natalie helps shed insight, clarity and understanding upon the root cause, while carefully and mindfully crafting personalized herbal formulations, diet and lifestyle plans that are unique, manageable, and inspiring. Natalie is deeply honored and grateful to her teachers for providing her the knowledge and tools necessary to become a vessel of healing for her community.

Learn more / Schedule with Natalie HERE

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Meet Devon Sophia Delaney

Devon Sophia Delaney is a holistic teacher, as well as a sound and energy practitioner.  She began...

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