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Community Sound Bath

Community Sound Bath


Community Sound Bath
Saturday, May 21st at 6 pm

Join River and Shiva for this monthly Sound Bath offering. Experience the “Wall of Gongs” and so many more sacred instruments for your soundscape journeying pleasure.

For maximum comfort bring pads and pillows. Yoga mats will be provided upon request.
To sign up: $30/ticket

The Confident Healer Certification Program

Have you been called to be a healer, to learn energy healing, or Reiki?

Sharmila Mali is drawing in people  just like you, who are answering their calling to help others and want to learn how to be an effective, confident energy healer.

This is a process to understand yourself, understand the energy and how you work with energy.  It’s fun, challenging and so incredibly rewarding.

This is a 9 month training where you will learn all three levels of Reiki plus learn what your intuitive gifts are, and learn energy healing techniques that were “downloaded” while I was working on people.

That’s the exciting part, the more you work on people, the more people you can help them and the more intuitive gifts that come through.   Gifts you didn’t even realize you had, or maybe had some sort of faint idea but dismissed them.


Sharmila teaches you to trust the process, which you are a part of, so essentially, you learn how to trust yourself.

Sharmila walks you through how to trust your intuition and help your client move through blocks, hold sacred space and clear energy while staying grounded.

A glimpse inside the 9 month training

Sharmila takes you step-by step on how to:

  • Accept and work with your dark/shadow side.
  • Love and accept yourself, developing self-compassion, and self-confidence.
  • Conduct a Reiki intuitive healing session.
  • Address when a client is in distress because of a past trauma.
  • Ground yourself and your client.
  • Create sacred space.
  • Contact and work with your guides and your client’s guides.
  • Practice trusting  your intuition.
  • Clear yourself after every client and self-care practices.
  • Identify when you are taking on someone’s energy and stop being drained when working on someone.

By the time  you finish,  you will be transformed and feel more confident about creating a Reiki business and working on clients.

Hand-holding & Being in Community

Sharmila will be there for you, holding your hand throughout our 9 month journey together, plus you will be in a small cohort of 10 other healers.  This will be our Confident Healer community.  By having other students by your side, you will learn so much from each other and have support.  It’s important to have other people doing the same thing because, let’s face it, it’s hard to find others that understand you, that just get you.

These are my intentions for this program: to create a loving, supportive community of confident healers.

Sharmila Mali: Why work with me?

I have been teaching Reiki and intuitive energy healing and working with clients for 19 years. The only way to learn is to practice, practice, practice.  It takes 18-254 days to form a habit according to a study in the European Journal of Social Psychology.  However, it’s not just the quantity of practice, it’s also the quality of practice that creates a deep, holistic understanding of what you are doing  when it comes to energy healing.

Over the years, I have learned by practicing Reiki and intuitive energy healing.  I have learned from each client, and each time someone worked on me.  I wished someone had told me how to protect myself when working on someone,  the subtle energy of how that happens.  As I worked with clients, just by trusting my intuition, working with their guides, new techniques came through that were effective, helping clients have incredible breakthroughs.

Join me!

If you would like to join me on this journey of a lifetime, please fill out the application to join, once you fill it out, and I review it, I will reach out to connect and we will go from there.

What is the schedule for the Confident Healer Training? Is this virtual only?

Hybrid. We will meet *live virtually* 3x each month for 9 months. Each session is 2 hours. There will be a 3 day workshop the first month.

It breaks down like this:

  • Meet on Zoom,  2 hours for the first 3 weeks of the month, for 9 months.
  • 1st month, we will meet in person 3 day workshop.
  • All classes are recorded and easily accessible.
  • There will only be 10 spots to ensure everyone gets attention.

Practicing Reiki outside the class:

Clients: You will need to find 3 people to work on regularly for 8 months, take SOAP notes, and conduct at least 30 minutes for each person a month.  This

Spring-ing Into Action!

The hills are green and dusted with yellow, the air is alive with vibrant life. And EVERYTHING is blooming! This is Spring in Ojai. We received a wonderful rainstrom a few weeks ago and it reinvigorated all of us….the trees, the flowers, the birds, the bugs, and the humans, too. Spring energy wants to rise up, push through, and get things done. It’s active and energetic, and supports vision, creativity, new endeavors. The themes of the season are growth, rebirth, and renewal. Our job is create room, increase circulation and go with the natural flow of expansion that is happening all around us.

So, what happens when this expansiveness isn’t allowed to blossom?

The last two years have been like that. Staying at home, curtailing travel and get-togethers, and restriction of expression has been something we have all bee with. Constriction of natural growth can lead to stagnation.

In Chinese Medical theory, stagnation feels like anger and irritability, depression, mood swings, migraines, pain, tension and tightness (especially in the neck, shoulders, and sides of the body), PMS and worsening cramps, excessive sighing, and indigestion. For the creative types- you may be experiencing “writer’s block” or lack of direction/ vision/ focus.

The wood element belongs to the spring season and its related meridian system pair is the Liver and Gall Bladder. Together, these organs are responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood in the body and regulates emotions. They manage energy flow, but are affected by stress. The wood element teaches us about flexibility and adaptability.

So, how do we help the season help us?

1.! Get Moving! Energy likes to move and transform. Outdoor exercise and being in nature is even more beneficial. Movement that destresses the body and mind is also wonderful.  Join a Yoga Class!

2. Change Up Your Diet. Similarly, lemon, apple cider vinegar and peppermint or chamomile tea will help move stagnation in the Liver/Gall Bladder channels. The wood element likes sour food (like kimchi and yogurt) as well as light meals with lots of greens (the color of the wood element). Bitter greens (dandelion, nettles, and arugula ) are particularly cleansing for the liver and gallbladder and promote better digestion. These food choices compliment the ascending, regenerative qualities of spring and keep the liver and gall bladder clear and healthy. Join our SPRING ATTUNMENT CLEANSE for more information.

3.Get Creative. Plant out your garden, Invent a new smoothie. Paint a picture. Spring is about Rebirth and seeing things from a new perspective.

4. Self-Care. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is designed for seasonal shifts. Body Talk, Massage, and Ayurveda is fantastic for addressing stagnation in the physical body. See what Soul Body Practitioners are offering!

5. Vision. Revise and Renew your life plans.


Meet Dani Livpriya

Danielle Livpriya is a bodyworker with an array of healing explorations. She is skilled in Bodytalk, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Biodynamic Resonance, Medical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sound and Color Healing, and Kundalini Yoga. She facilitates one on one and group sessions. Danielle connects with the body-mind system, energetic fields and movement, and feels what wants to be balanced as a priority in the present moment. Her practice wakes people’s self-healing mechanism, allows for transformation, integration, and shifts the quantum field. Group sessions have arcing themes that energetically translate personally for your own rewiring, optimal energy flow, and restored communication. All practices are held in sacred space.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light touch practice that assesses the movement of the bones of the cranium and sacrum, the cerebral spinal fluid, the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord and connective tissues; frees restrictions to create more symmetrical movement; and brings balance to the nervous system and body. Craniosacral Therapy follows the body’s guidance and we treat what we find. Some challenges CST benefits are: migraines, chronic neck and back pain, depression, trauma, lengthy dental visits, stress and tension disorders, ADHD, autism, longevity, and is helpful for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also used as a proactive wellness plan to support healthy cognitive functions and help prevent Alzheimzer’s Disease. We flush the brain of metabolic waste and encourage fresh cerebral spinal fluid to flow through the brain. This stimulating flow of cerebral spinal fluid keeps the brain young, vibrant, and healthy. I encourage everyone to receive CST for wellbeing and freedom of movement.

Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing is the most grounding practice there is. Just a short session instantly transforms and roots. Zero Balancing follows a protocol from feet to head and head to feet, working at interface which creates a healthy boundary. It feels like acupressure on the bones. ZB moves stagnant held energy in the bones by holding focused points or fulcrums and using gentle traction. Your bones let go of stored energy by the integrity of a clear force. It is an expansive practice that connects you to your foundational nature, leaves you feeling refreshed, present, integrated and in your bones. I get a weekly ZB and it has been life changing. It is an amazing practice to balance you anytime- especially in times of transition, intense thinking, planning, working, and trauma from the subtle to deep. Zero Balancing connects your energetic body to your physical structure; where you feel space, perspective, and breath to relax and be.

Bodytalk uses applied kinesiology and a protocol to restore and rewire optimal communication lines. It is a full spectrum practice that opens to all branches of teachings and experience, balances consciousness, thought, emotion, elements, chakras and meridians to organs and bones. Your body tells us what wants to be balanced and healed. We bring it to awareness and it’s shifted in the quantum field.

Biodynamic Resonance
Biodynamic Resonance is a quantum practice that supports the body’s bio-computer, uses applied kinesiology and energetically programmed vials of water. It gives your body resources to shift by introducing healthier energetic relationships with sources of consciousnesses that allows your body to break patterns, let go, and receive.

For More Information / Book with Dani

Welcome Allassandra Rhody!

Allassandra is a Certified Massage Therapist and energy attunement practitioner with 15 years of professional experience and owner of Her Aum, embodywork practice.  Utilizing the force of gravity and the flow of energy through hands, elbows, and forearms, she offers sessions catered to women that are both substantial and gentle, deep and yet subtle.   She holds space for somatic exploration and sounding within a container of Conscious Living and Loving coaching practice.

Allassandra’s Bodywork style is grounded in Swedish massage, Warm Jade Stone Therapy, Acupressure, and Non- Diagnostic Reflexology training; her inspiration follows the energetic courses of Reiki, and intuitive pathways of Craniosacral work.  She also implements Baguanfa silicone cupping for Myofascial Release / Lymphatic Drainage and Fascial cupping to clear congestion and enhance natural glow.

Allassandra will not push past resistance with greater pressure, but instead beckon and invite relaxation with energy tuning and intuitive strategy.  The work will go as deeply as your breath and tissues allow as she remains present to the flow of energy throughout your body and the places of tension that are wanting to release.  Each woman is invited into the sacred space of her own breath, and into alignment with her inherent radiance and vitality.  In this space the mind can relax as muscles and held body patterns let go and unwind.

Increased Circulation

Learn More / Schedule with Allassandra

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