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Welcome to May in Ojai!

We hope that this gorgeous Spring weather is inviting you into your life in creative and new ways. It is picture perfect here in the valley, with the Lupine going to seed, and the Matilija Poppies just beginning their full bloom. The weather is just about as good as it gets!

We are slowly beginning to reopen to new levels here at Soul Body Ojai.  And we are working on some new expansions as well (more about that next month!), but for now, we have full private offerings of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Intuitive Sessions, Energy Work, Sound Baths/Yoga Nidra, and Yoga all available in house.  We are also traveling for soundbaths, yoga, and massage therapy here in the valley in case you are having an event and need a little extra help.  Our live group offerings now include 2 Kundalini Yoga classes a week: Tuesdays with Tara and Fridays with Jennifer, both at 10am.  Reservations are required in advance for these two group classes as space is limited CLICK HERE to register for an in-person class.

Our outdoor Soundbath with Guided Meditation at Sarzotti Park is on May 16th at 2pm this month! There is a discount for advance reservations for this event.   MORE DETAILS here

Daily online classes with recorded class access is available on our sister site at Soul Tribe Online.

As always, we have multiple efforts in place to keep you safe and comfortable.

We hope that you are taking care of yourself and know that we are here for you if you require any help with making self-care more prolific in your life.  We are sending good vibes and hope to see you soon.

The Confident Healer – New Podcast!

We are back this week with an actual conversatopm with someone else! YAAY! Today’s episode I bring back my guest from the 2nd episode to talk about empowering South Asian women and strengthening their leadership skills in the workforce. Deepa brings up some interesting facts she discovered in her research about South Asian women in the US corporate world, things that  reflect our South Asian upbringing in a patriarchal society.

It’s complicated, but she and I have a great talk about the corporate world and how we can be agents of change to create a more harmonious place at work where productivity, creativity and self-compassion creates a bottom line of job satisfaction, better leadership and a better product. Plus, she gives two very simple exercises to create more balance between the inner critic, something we all have and developing the inner champion–something we all we need more of!

 <Listen Now>

Though this week’s discussion is about a serious topic, we still manage to have a great time together.  Reacting to what each other is saying, and popping off about what so desperately needs to change is right up our alley.

In this week’s episode, I bring back the 2nd guest that I had on the show last year, Deepa Pulipati!  We talk about empowering South Asian women and strengthening their leadership skills in the workforce.

Deep and I are collaborating together in our 5-week program called South Asian Womyn’s Leadership Series.  It’s hard to find South Asian womyn in leadership positions, something that they want to change. We want to create a path with strengthening skillsets for managing teams, self-expression and building confidence.

Deepa brings up some interesting things that she discovered in her research about South Asian women in the US corporate world.  There isn’t a clear path to get ahead, and while most womyn take time off after having a baby, it’s not even a question for South Asian womyn to sacrifice their careers for their family.

It’s complicated, but we had a great talk about the corporate world and how we can be agents of change to create a more harmonious place at work where productivity, creativity, and self-compassion create a bottom line of job satisfaction, better leadership, and a better product.

Plus, Deepa gives two very simple exercises to create more balance between the inner critic we all have and developing the inner champion we need more of.  We had such a great conversation and we are so excited about our upcoming  South Asian Womyn’s Leadership program!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Happy Spring!

Ojai is slowly but surely opening back up. We are happy to be able to extend our services as this happens. Serving you is our greatest joy.

Please join us for a lovely Spring Equinox Weekend of sound and yoga, Spring Attunement Cleanse and so much more!  And remember, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, energy work, massage therapy and yoga and sound private therapy is available for you and your small group.

Check out this great interview with Jennifer, Tara & Mehtab about the upcoming STO Teacher Training that begins March 19!


Also…Don’t miss The Confident Healer Podcasts!

Have you listened? Catch up on the last 9 healers. Each one of these have an amazing story tell, they overcame traumatic events in their life, worked on their healing themselves and ended up answering their true calling of being a healer. Of course they are still human, lose confidence get scared at life’s curveballs, but they found their unique way to work through obstacles, and each person is amazing!

Here are a few examples of the many golden nuggets in each of these episodes:
– Sofia Wren and Tamara Miller Davis (Ojai local) talk about writing as a healing tool and finding the confidence to publishing their first novel.
-Shawna Bluestar talks about how finding confidence to share her messages and the teachings about the effects of colonization and being your true self.
-Lotus Sky talks about how she was cut off from her family for coming out to them when she was in college, worked in tech, and claiming her intuitive abilities and start a healing business.

Infuse your mind with uplifting conversations, take us with you on your commute or your work-out.

Faith Returns!

We are energetic beings living a human experience. And so our self care needs are both the tending of our body and the tending of our soul.

As a massage therapist, psychic medium and intuit, Faith has the ability to see where trauma lies within your body and is able to release it through her massage work as well through dialog during the massage practice.

At the age of two, Faith began to see ghosts and spirits. She saw them when she was awake and they visited her in her dreams. Faith began to work with clients at the age of 14. She would help families connect to their loved ones who are no longer here. Faith’s abilities to help the living connect to the unknown are unique in that she can point where the entity is standing and those she works with can often feel their presence.

Becoming a massage therapist was a natural extension of her gifts. The massage work allows Faith access to the human container that holds the soul’s experiences.

Faith has helped people throughout her life with pain, discomfort, self-esteem issues, and relationship trauma. She offers a variety of massage techniques; deep tissue, pregnancy, shiatsu, energy, Swedish, reflexology, and her specialty—healing massage, as well as one to one psychic sessions and group and family psychic sessions.

Learn more about Faith and you can reach out to here at 805.450.1642 or through her website.

The Confident Healer SoloCast

Here is your invitation to this solocast, where I reflect on some of the things that the pandemic taught me.  These were: forgiveness, finding my voice and expressing myself in a more public way  *cough*  The Confident Healer podcast  *cough*, and figuring out how to deal with your loved ones when you have opposing political viewpoints. I mean, we are all humans living on this planet, we have to help each other.

I also miss hugs. The other major lesson last year taught me even more so is, the power of touch.  I get hugs from my partner and our cats, and I miss hugging all my loved ones, too. *sigh* Soon, it will happen.

I had my ups and downs, and had plenty of time to reflect, grow, retract, grow, reflect…well, you get the picture. Honestly, there were some deep pitfalls than I had experienced in a couple of years, but I found a way to climb out.

Part of climbing out was *not* turning off my phone, staying in touch, seeing uplifting posts, and seeing friends in the safest way possible.  And getting many covid tests. I have never swabbed my nostrils and sinus cavity (in some cases) so many times like I did last year.  It’s not over, so I expect to get more nasal penetration until we are all somewhat safe and immune.

I do hope you are all well and have found some sort of refuge from the chaos happening in our country. Turn off the news, close your laptops and get outside– weather permitting of course!

And if you can get outside, take me along with you, and allow me to add a pep in your step, and let you know that we all struggle and we all recover. Find your light and shine bright, my friends, shine so bright other people shine, too.

If you would like to listen to the other 12 amazing healers that I spoke to, visit, The Confident Healer to see the list.  I spoke to everyone from a licensed sexuality therapist and coach–Angelica Gutierrez, in Episode 1, to a Cosmic Channel and Shamanic Guide, Lotus Sky, Episode 12.

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Happy Spring!

Ojai is slowly but surely opening back up. We are happy to be able to extend our services as this...

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