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Hello Friends,

At Soul Body Ojai, we have always felt that our role in our community is to provide consistent and present space for healing and realization. With so much transforming and changing, we had very little idea what that would mean for our clients and family as change is occurring almost daily.  We are continuing to creatively hold that space as best we can.  All of us together is what is going to create more supported healing and community.  We believe this.

As of now, acupuncture is our only one on one modality currently being offered in person due to limitations on contact.  It is looking like small, socially distanced gatherings are in our future, with limited by reservation in person classes available soon and massage therapy and reiki are on the horizon. Until then, we have several options.

Free or by Donation Livestreams with our Teaching Community on our Soul Body Ojai Facebook Page
10:00 am Everyday.  (Most of these streams will also be available online later at our sister site: Soul Tribe Online)
Friday Night Dance Party with Sharmila via Zoom.
Sundays at 5am: Community Sadhana with a Zoom online gathering after meditation.

Special Pricing for Virtual Private Classes

For 1 hour Yoga and (Gong) Yoga Nidra via zoom to your home or place of work, we are offering a special price of $55/hour for one person and $5 for each additional person.  We can offer this via zoom, so get creative!  You could have a gathering of your friends from anywhere in the world come together for a stress reducing class and gathering afterward.  No limit! For Sound healing, we can create a private Facebook page for your group for better sound conduction with a Zoom gathering afterward.Many of our practitioners are offering virtual healings and intuitive readings during this time.  Connect with Sharmila and Ashley for more information.

Online Events Designed to Keep You Connected, Grounded, and Healthy
We are offering regular events to support you. See our events page for details here.

If you need help, support, or just someone to talk to, reach out!  These are trying times, but also times of deep transformation and healing.  We will continue to be here for you.  Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and all within the reach of your heart.  We believe in you.Our best,

Guided Meditation with Robin: Nonjudgemental Observation

This video is a “how to” guided meditation on nonjudgmental observation.  It is meant to serve as a guide on how to practice nonjudgmental observation in any setting (while waiting in line, laying in bed, or walking or sitting anywhere) to decrease stress, sadness and anxiety, and focus on the moment and your surroundings.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or want to improve your sense of connection to the here and now, this is an excellent exercise to practice for any length of time.

Stay healthy!

~ Robin
Robin Balchen, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist

Living Fully in Uncertain Times

We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times.  The comforts that once adorned our life with familiarity have been replaced with opportunities for new beginnings and life rhythms.  At Soul Body Ojai we are feeling all the feels and navigating it with a sense of wonder and possibility.  That is not to say this experience does not come with challenges because it does on so many levels. Financial and emotional to name just a few.  However, our team is leaning into what has helped us move through everything in our business that seemed bigger than us at the time.  We have learned that you don’t have to like your current circumstance but you can become flexible enough to comprehend it.  Once you do this you will begin to transcend it, and with this understanding, we are capable of living fully and freely.

Please join Jennifer Marcaccini and her husband, Giancarlo as they gather virtually Saturday, April 18th and 25th from 1:00 pm – 2:00 p.m. (Register Here) to explore this topic and gather in a community.

Jennifer has included a special meditation practice that will help you experience yourself more deeply and fully during these unusual and unique times.


COVID-19 Update: We are Here to Support You!

We hope you are managing the changing scenery of your world in a healthy and supported way.  We continue here at Soul Body Ojai to evolve with the times, and offer nourishment in all the ways we are able.  Most of our in person sessions are currently on hold.  If you would like to support your practitioner during this time, connect with them to purchase gift certificates for future sessions or inquire about virtual offerings.

Our Kundalini Yoga Schedule has moved online for your ease of access.

We are livestreaming on our Soul Body Ojai Facebook page here

with the following schedule:

          Mondays: 10am with Jennifer
          Tuesdays: 8:30am with Tara
          Thursdays: 8:30am with Tara
          Fridays: 10am with Jennifer
          Sundays: 10am with Giancarlo

(Shiva’s Wednesday class is streamed privately via her Instagram page)

These classes will be moved to our online sister-site: Soul Tribe where they, along with many other classes, are available for your continued evolution and healing.  We are offering Free Class Access for 30 days!
Register for Premium membership and use code:  soultribelove(Select your referring teacher so they are credited.) We will be upgrading the site with more conscious social media availability and more high caliber teachers over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to being in community with you, there!

PLEASE NOTE:  Teagan’s Voice Activation Workshop has moved online this weekend!  Get in touch with your expressive, empowered self and join in from right where you are.

More to come.

So much love,
All of us here at Soul Body Ojai

Meet Teagan Rose

Teagan is an Embodiment Facilitator,  Voice Activation Guide,  Actor and Creator.

She has always been a high creative and has been a professional performer for 15 years. For her, the performing arts are so much more than entertainment, they are avenues for divine freedom and self understanding. Through the sharing of stories, and the embodiment of different manifestations of humanness, she has learned about the rich intricacies of life from the inside out, with empathy, playfulness, and curiosity.

She fell in love with ecstatic dance and contact improvisation 5 years ago, which further supported her in awakening beyond cultural norms and expectations. Free-form movement influenced free-form vocal and emotional expression influenced free-form thought and creativity influenced greater alignment between her soul and her body. She believes that the exploration of the body, voice, emotions, and the cultivation of creative life force energy, have the potential to connect each of us with our truest and most liberated selves.

Her mission is to support people in connecting more deeply to their sense of home in their body, to their essence, and to their primal creativity. She feels supercharged and humbled to be of service in this way.

On March 28, Teagan will be offering an Intro to Embodiment and Voice Activation workshop at Soul Body!

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