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Good Winter To You!

We are actually having a true winter here in the Valley this year and it is a wondrous thing.  Over the last month, we have received more rain than we received over the entire last season!  The water is flowing.  The snow on the mountains is inspiring.  The weather is perfect.

And…we are also aware that no matter how beautiful some find this season, it can be a challenging one, too.  The days are short.  The holidays are complete.  The latest direction of the pandemic feels disheartening.  And there can be a natural inclination to seasonal shifts in mood this time of year. If you are feeling low, you are not alone. Winter is naturally a time of introspection and slowing down.  There is a special medicine in the darkness and the invitation is to navigate as best we can.  Resist not.  And when needed, apply necessary light and encouragement to the pathway.

What are some mood lifting activities that can help?

1. Get outside.  Natural light exposure, getting your heart pumping, fresh air, and time in nature provides a mood boosting support.

2. Less alcohol.  Many of us deal with uncomfortable feelings by having a drink.  But alcohol is also a depressive and can sometimes make things more challenging.

3. Stick to your sleep schedule.  Getting enough sleep at regular times gives your body the support it needs to navigate stress.

4. Add Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency may be a risk factor for depressive symptoms.

5. Add light. Bright light therapy and dawn simulators along with opening up the curtains in the house can help keep your circadian rhythm healthy and give you more energy.

6. Self Care.  Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy and energy work can all be useful to support your body and mood during the winter.  Bonus: It also keeps your immune system healthy.