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The Ojai Valley, known as the Valley of the Moon, has been known for centuries by the indigenous Chumash
people as a healing valley.  It has remained a place where people come to restore, heal, and reconnect with the sacred. As such, Ojai draws many talented holistic practitioners and leaders.

Soul Body Ojai gathers a community of holistic practitioners, and provides sacred space for healing, collaboration, experiential learning, retreats, and workshops. Our memberships offer treatment rooms for reservation, which are used for bodywork, energy healing, and other modalities, as well as a larger community room for yoga, movement classes, and educational workshops.

Click here if you are interested in joining our team to meet with your clients at the beautiful Soul Body Ojai space.



Mission and Vision

The Soul Body is the spark of the infinite that resides in the core of one’s being. It is the voice that guides you on the path of your true purpose, that feels in harmony with all life.

We believe that in harnessing the power of our collective light, there is an opportunity for greater healing, transformation, and well-being in our world.

Our mission is to be a community where every-body realizes the transformational power within themselves to heal, transform, and grow, expressing itself as the journey of of the soul.

5% of our profits go to charity, towards local and international organizations that promote peace and reconciliation, and to preserving the beautiful land of Ojai.

Public Benefit Corporation Status Pending – We are a business with a mission that guides us. We make our decisions based on the triple-bottom-line, (a) considering what will sustain our land and (b) serve our community, in addition to (c) what will earn a profit.