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Meet Our Yoga Teachers

Tara Matthews, L.Ac, Experienced 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, is an accomplished Kundalini Yoga instructor trained at Golden Bridge of Santa Monica, California. A yoga teacher of over 20 years and current KRI Level 3 student, her background in the medical field gives her a unique and in depth understanding of physical and sacred anatomy. A teacher of teachers and enthusiastic trainer in gong sound therapy, Tara also maintains a full time Chinese Medical and Energy Work Practice in Ojai. She currently mentors with Mehtab Benton.

Shiva Preet is an Ojai Native, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Yoga Nidra teacher, Gong Therapist,  sound bath and meditation facilitator. She is honored to work throughout the community teaching and Leading groups in Yoga and Sound. She sees Kundalini energy as a guiding light to bring each person closer to unlocking their infinite potential.  Her uplifted yoga classes drift between deep meditation and play, infusing sound currents to leave you buzzing with delight.
Shiva Preet sets herself on a path of bringing deep remembrance, joy and freedom to our lives through Sound, yoga and meditation.

Devon Sophia Delaney, M.Ed is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Sound Healing Practitioner.  In 2021, she completed her 200hr Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Body Ojai and her 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center. Devon teaches Children’s Yoga Classes in Ojai and Ventura. In her spare time, Devon offers Children’s Yoga at Ventura Center for Spiritual Living for the Youth Ministry Program.  She has Children’s Yoga training through Radiant Child Yoga and is currently completing a mentorship for her 95-hour Children’s Yoga Certification in Radiant Child Yoga.  The Radiant Child Yoga approach to Children’s Yoga is appealing to her because it combines elements of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, kid’s songs, yoga cards, meditations, and more, and resonates with her heart. Devon enjoys teaching Children’s Yoga classes because it connects with her inner child and it’s a fun way to help kids develop strength, balance, and resilience in their lives.  Devon is also available for sessions. 


Dani Livpriya is a certified Zero Balancer and offers Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Visceral Manipulation, & Bodytalk. Her approach is to listen to the body, treat what she finds, and allow for the body’s natural self-healing mechanism to initiate. She has been a manual therapist since 2002. Her love of the healing arts continues to be her guiding light. Her favorite place to be is in the classroom exploring healing modalities or out hiking on the trails with her dogs.

Monica Erdle-Delorme discovered Pilates in 2012 as a client and signed up for her first teacher training three months later. Comprehensively certified and classically trained, Monica also enjoys contemporary styles and teachers. While her initial certification was completed at Power Pilates out of NYC, she has enjoyed years of extra instruction with dedicated teachers from around the globe and seeks out new and exciting continuing education workshops and believes, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” – John Wooden