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Private Sessions

Soul Body Ojai offers skilled private sessions in Kundalini and Hatha modalities with Gong Savasana (Restorative Integration).

Yoga Nidra, or guided yogic sleep, Is enhanced and deepened by the addition of specified gong playing. Gong Yoga Nidra creates relaxation, enhances healing, enables self-diagnosis, and helps us to integrate change by accessing the subconscious. It is a tool for initiating deep change and root causes of physical, emotional and psychological imbalances that result from stress. This therapy brings about a supported lucid dream state brought about by the enhancement of alpha state, a superconscious mind frequency that releases tension, enhances vision and brings about a heightened awareness that allows us to be more present in our lives. It is more of a guided meditation with some sound methods. The participants try to stay conscious and present during the session.

In addition, we offer longer more transformative Soundbath experiences with multiple modalities to uplevel your experience here in Ojai.  Sessions will be customized to your needs.  Consider a private session in our studio or at your location.  Please contact us at [email protected] for reservations. 

      Private Yoga with Gong 1 hour
      Up to 3 people: $108
      Additional persons add $22 each

      Private Soundbath (1 Practitioner) 1 hour
      Up to 3 people: $108
      Additional persons add $22 each

      Private Soundbath (2 Practitioners) 1 hour
      Up to 3 people: $200
      Additional persons $25 each

Travel fee for in-home sessions within Ojai and Ventura $50

Please print this Intake Form prior to an appointment with Tara Matthews