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Meditation Everyday: Kirtan Kriya 40 Day Practice

Tue, Apr 30th - Sat, Jun 8th @ 6:00 am

Kirtan Kriya combines breath, mudra (finger movements), mantra, and visualization to create benefits for health and longevity.

A groundbreaking study at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where Chris was executive administrator for the university’s Longevity Center, showed that regular practice increased telomerase—the enzyme linked to structures at the ends of our chromosomes, which affect how our cells age. In fact, telomerase was increased by 43 percent, the largest increase ever recorded. Other studies on the practice have shown that it improves blood flow to the brain, reverses memory loss, eases depression and decreases inflammatory genes while increasing healthy ones.

This event is online only. Register on our online community platform at soultribeonline.com on a sliding fee scale

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