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What do you think of when you hear the word “relationship”?

We believe that relationships come in many shapes and sizes but we also know they are an extension of ourselves.  One of the most healing things we can do during our lifetime is to master these messy yet meaningful mirrors that show up in our life.  Relationships can heal us but they can also hurt us, it is all a matter of perspective.  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a tool that helps us to break free of old patterns and limiting beliefs.   It helps us to evolve to bigger and brighter versions of ourselves because when practiced regularly it aids us in fully embracing ME.  Once we fully love ME the WE in any type of relationship is stronger, more authentic. and full of unconditional love.  You see, as you really befriend yourself and underSTAND (take a stand for yourself) you begin to know what type of relations your soul is calling for.  Some relationships may shower you with pain, while others provide you with an outpouring of love.  And, you realize that in the end, it was never really about the other person, rather the imprisonment you felt, the frustration you had to work through or the heart opening expansion you experienced was really just about you being on your own path to freedom. As Ram Das says, “we are all here just walking each other home.”  
Consider a past or current relationship and take a moment to realize all the growth that you have encountered through your experience with him or her.  Now take a moment and close your eyes and connect with this person through your heart center.  Notice the emotions that come up for you and try not to attach to them.  Next, we invite you to practice with us the meditation for a Calm Heart.  Our free meditation gift this month helps to calm your heart and bring you both peace and clarity. 

Feel free to join us as we demonstrate the meditation on the video or Click HERE for a written description of the meditation.