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It has been quite a Winter for us here in the Ojai Valley and we are loving every moment, every rain drop, every cloudy mountain top and snowy peak.  And we are also in love with the lengthening days now more and more noticeable, the blanket of mustard flowers on the hillsides, and the valley’s legendary sunshine radiating in all directions as the seasons begin to change. 

Spring is a time of rebirth and creativity.  From the restorative depths of the Winter Cave, we can give birth to ourselves in a celebration of evolution, wisdom, and unfolding.  Spending more time outdoors, getting up a little earlier, and eating more sprouts and green foods helps to awaken stagnant energy and shed the heaviness of the past.  Sound and mantra assists the elevation of your vibratory state~ play your favorite instrument or dive into a soundbath.  Gentle liver and gallbladder cleanses are well timed (join us for our Spring Attunement Cleanse

We also have in house Spring experiences to awaken your creativity and healing such as our Spring Equinox Full Moon Ceremony (March 20) with Alison and Spring Weekend Retreat (April 26) with Jennifer.

And here is a special Full Length Yoga Class with Tara to enliven you and prepare you for all of the wondrous and astonishing things you are soon to experience.

Happy Spring!

Blessings and Love from all of us here at Soul Body Ojai.