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Venus is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Desire, Sex, Fertility, and Prosperity. When the planet Venus goes retrograde- it represents a time to turn inward to the dark parts of ourselves or the shadows that we carry in the aspects of that planet. There is nothing to be afraid of or scared of with Venus going Retrograde. In fact it is an opportunity to re-evaluate how we relate to these parts of ourselves. For these 40 days we are being given a perfect time for finally releasing old wounds, traumas, pains and shame that we may carry in any of these areas of our life.

Venus in retrograde can be related to the ancient Babylonian story from 300 BC of the Goddess of Heaven (Inanna) traveling to the underworld to visit her sister the Goddess of the underworld (Ereshkigal). This story is about the Gemini duality- of the other half. It is about meeting the shadow of oneself and only through the acceptance and understanding of one’s shadow is one able to fully embody all of their true power.

In the story- the Sumerian Queen- the Goddess of Heaven and Earth descends into the underworld. She is asked to leave everything behind- purifying and releasing like the 7 Chakras of the body until she is nothing but a dead corpse. At that point she experiences and witness the pain and suffering of her sister from the death of her sister’s husband. Inanna is then rescued and saved from the underworld but only after she has passed through all the stages of letting go of any worldly gifts or protections and bares her soul- without anyone or anything aiding her- to be witness to her sister’s pain and sorrow. Her sister feels Inanna’s empathy for the pain and then releases her. When Inanna returns to the Heavens- she is able to be a true Queen- because she has integrated the light and the dark parts of herself. Thus she embodies her true self even more and is more powerful because she has faced her shadows.

So I ask you- What shadows are you ready to face during the next month?

I am facing my shadows of love, intimacy, sex, sensuality, femininity, money and relationships. I am reclaiming my story and I am stepping into new ground in these places. When there is growth- there is often feelings of uncomfortableness and fear- but the the growth comes when we courageously continue to stand in our truth and be our authentic self despite whatever is being projected at us.

I feel incredibly blessed by my recent visit to Sedona where I got to connect even deeper with the Goddess. To guide other sisters into a deeper connection with the Goddess. To understand and to know the Goddess and her many forms. To realize that I am the Goddess- and it is my life’s devotion to teach the men and the woman how to honor, love and worship the Goddess. And so with this gratitude and love in my heart- I say thank you Venus for gifting me this moment in time to cleanse, to purify and to release the old beliefs that I have carried that are not who I truly am. May I enter the shadows of my heart, my womb and my feminine beauty- to feel, to gain compassion and understanding and to finally release the story of shame, blame, victim and inferiority. May I emerge as a true embodiment of the Maiden, Mother, Crone- the Goddess. I am a guide for others to find their connections to the Goddess.

May we Remember
May we Awaken
May we Honor the Goddess
I am love
Thank you
Thank you
To all my relations
I am grateful

~Alison McKelvie Eakin