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Alison McKelvie Eakin loves helping empower her clients to heal their lives. She enjoys watching their transformation and growth. Alison uses her intuition to tap into were there are blocks in her clients body. She then guides her clients in a active meditation using the breath to open the channels in the body and allow the flow of energy (Qi/Prana) from the universe to enter the body and release what is no longer serving them.
Alison loves guiding her clients in the breath work because the breath work has greatly improved her life. Alison instinctively knew that there were other ways of healing emotional distress and physical ailments than the standard western medicine but initially she did not know how to do it. In her quest for understanding, Alison has traveled the world, studied yoga extensively in the United States and India, and created a homestead for her family.
When Alison found the breath work she knew she had finally found what she had been looking for her whole life. The breath work opened her up to connect with her essence and soul in a profound way, connecting her with the Divine that is within. Through simple practices of self-love and healing Alison was able to recover her inner strength and light. She personally has experienced incredible healing from the breath work and is excited to share her knowledge and skills with her clients. Alison has completed all of the healer trainings with David Elliott and is trained in his methods to be able to lead people in this powerful form of healing. She has also studied with Michael Brain Baker from the Breath Center. Alison is also a Reiki Master
Alison grew up in Washington, DC attending the Sidwell Friends School. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. For over a decade Alison ran Bella Farm in Paonia, Colorado. She founded this 12-acre biodynamic farm with the intention of educating herself and others about sustainable lifestyles. She birthed and homeschooled her three kids there, milked her beloved cows, and learned how to provided food for her family and community. She now lives in Ojai, California where she is able to focus full time on the healing work and raising her children.

Alison McKelvie Eakin helps clients heal from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. She has witnessed first hand powerful transformation in her clients. She helps clients let go of old stories, excuses, and paradigms. She works with her clients to create new opportunities for growth of what they desire in their lives.
Healing sessions with Alison begin with a check-in to discuss health and wellness concerns. This dialogue will help to shed light on where there are places in the client’s life that seem stuck or blocked. This healing work is beneficial for all ailments including challenges in a relationship, in your business life, in your emotional state, or your physical health. From this dialogue an intention is set for the healing work.
The actual breath work begins next. The pranayama yoga or breathing meditation that Alison uses is a simple technique that focuses on the breath to help facilitate the calming of the mind and opening of the heart. Alison guides her clients through this process using the breath, affirmations, essential oils, wild herbs, music and her intuition to open the energy channels within the body so that stuck energy can be released. This healing work allows for the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. It is in this relaxed state when the heart is open that healing occurs.

After the session many clients feel euphoric. They are often amazed by how deeply soothing the experience was. They leave the session feeling connected to their spirit and at peace. They often have breakthroughs on what has been preventing them from achieving their goals.
If you need some direction or just want to feel better in life, Alison is here to help. Alison is happy to help guide you into the person you want to be. Come join Alison for a session and give yourself some love!

1 hour healing session with the Breath Work $150
1.5 hour healing session with Breath Work and Gong/Reiki Healing $220
1 hour Reiki and or Gong Healing Session $150

Couples sessions-
1.5 hour Couple Session with Breath Work- $275
2 hour Couple Breath Work and Gong healing $350

6 Month Transformation packages available please visit my website at www.healingwithalison.com

Reiki Master Teacher
Priestess of the Light
Breathwork Healer
Gong Therapy
Qi Gong and Meditation

Gratitude for the Work:
“Thank you for the healing group tonight. You are a natural healer. I felt safe and taken care of, protected. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I loved your image of taking care of yourself like a newborn and checking on ourselves. I really felt your kind presence. Much love to you. I wrote in my journal afterwards for a good while. I had some clarity about where the worthiness hustle can be dropped entirely “into the earth, to be recycled. ” so loved that.” Christine, CA

“The experience I had on Sunday was very profound. I have tried a lot of healing modalities to try to heal my nervous system, including feldenkrais, somatic experiencing, therapy and so forth. I think of all these modalities yours was the most profound. Alison herself has a very accepting, professional, and calming presence that creates a safe space for the work to unfold.” R.S. Santa Barbara, CA

“As a breath work teacher myself that has gone through all of David Elliott’s trainings twice I’ve had a lot of people guide me through sessions. Also, I’ve done a ton of breath work myself over the last few years. Alison has a rare gift and I had one of, if not the most powerful releases and healing take place when she guided my through our session. She intuitively knew what to do at the right times and it was life altering. And I don’t say that easily. My only complaint is that she doesn’t live closer so that I could see her again. :-)” ~Jon Paul Crimi

“Breath work with Alison is powerful. Alison’s gentle direction and safe space creates a sanctuary for me to breathe deeply taking me deep into my physical and spiritual being. I highly recommend working with Alison; I am so grateful to have found this healing modality.” -SKL, Paonia, CO

“I felt deeply connected and energized by the combination of this powerful breath work and the intuitively directed meditation. Thanks for sharing this lovely gift!” Katie, Lawrence, KS