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Melanie Hersch is a psychotherapist turned dating and relationship coach who teaches singles how to rewire the unconscious patterns that have been preventing them from having the love they want. Melanie believes that dating and relationships are some of the most powerful catalysts for personal and spiritual growth. Her approach isn’t focused on how to ‘get’ a person, but on how to become a person who easily attracts love in. Her unique style blends psychology, spirituality, movement, and energetics to help her clients increase their self-esteem, know their worth, and easily attract love into their lives. She’s the founder of Good At You and works primarily with clients one-on-one or in her group programs.

Currently Melanie is seeing clients one on one and getting ready to launch her next group program.

One on one coaching: Melanie works with clients in packages that range from 1 month to 6 months. If you’re interested in working with Melanie, send her a message to schedule a free consultation and explore current package options.

Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy