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Thea Sullivan is an intuitive, a clairaudient channel, and a spiritual counselor who brings through powerful, soul-level guidance for her clients, helping them find peace and resolution for their deepest and most pressing questions. She also facilitates transformative energetic experiences including energy clearing, emotional healing, and opening to receive Divine love.

Thea does her work with the help of the Guides, a collective spiritual energy she’s been channeling since 1993. The Guides share what Thea calls the “Big Picture”—the truth that we are each Divine Beings with a noble purpose, living out a sacred path of soul growth through our ordinary lives, and that we are Loved, seen, led, and accompanied at all times. Just experiencing the energy and exquisite compassion of the Guides is a powerfully transformative experience!

In addition to in-person sessions, Thea also offers remote intuitive readings, customized intuition coaching, and classes and workshops on developing your intuition. Before going public with her spiritual gifts, Thea worked as a creative writing instructor, a writing coach, a middle and high school English teacher, and a writer and editor. Thea is also a mom, and she has a special interest in working with those who’ve experienced miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy loss.

Each one of Thea’s sessions is unique and customized for the client. Thea draws upon a range of tools including deep listening, intuitive perception, written and spoken channeling, customized guided meditation and visualization, and hands-on energy healing.

With the help of the Guides’ wisdom and her own deep empathy and intuition, she meets clients wherever they are, feels into what’s needed, and gently ushers in a new level of awareness. Her clients walk away feeling clearer, calmer, and more grounded in their own knowing, with a deeper sense of direction, a comforting reminder of their soul’s path, and a renewed connection to the wellness and peace at the core of their Being.

Intuitive Healing Session, 60 min. — $125
Intuitive Healing Session, 90 min — $175

Written message from the Guides — $50
Customized, recorded meditation — $50

Brown University, B.A., MAT
Goddard College, MFA
Intuitive training with psychic Laurie Schryver, Mill Valley, CA
First Degree Reiki, Usui/Holy Fire III

Thea has worked with clients all over the U.S. and in Europe. You can find testimonials on her website, http://theasullivan.com

“Literally the best reading I have ever had. The information that came through was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and resonated deeply with me.” —S. F., Atlanta, GA

“Thea’s way of working is loving and empathetic. During the session, I felt a mixture of peace, comfort, and trust with a capital ‘T.’ Her work gave me a deeper sense of purpose and the knowing that I am a part of something much bigger than myself.”
—J.D., San Rafael, CA

“I’m happy to recommend Thea Sullivan’s work. She is a channel offering high-level, personalized guidance that I have found to be supportive and accurate.”
—Paul Selig, renowned medium, channel, and author of I Am The Word and Beyond the Known