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Sharmila has been pursuing holistic health practices and helping others since she was a teenager. She has spent many years working with people and animals, facilitating compassionate transformations through massage, energy healing, Reiki classes and listening.
She is a dynamic intuitive, coach and mentor. Sharmila strives to innovate and finds joy in learning something new to help herself, and her community.

She is co-hosting a series called the Heal Your Pain Expert Online Series throughout September, in honor of National Pain Awareness Month. Register to access over 20 interviews by some of the most sought after experts that help people overcome challenging pain. Check out the EVENTS page for the link to register and more information. It’s free to watch and you will find so many different approaches to healing and managing severe physical, emotion and spiritual pain. HealYourPain.info

Sharmila helps women stop obsessing over their ex, so they can get excited again about their future and leave that ex in the past. She helps them live their amazing life that’s right in front of them.
“I love supporting women that are committed to self-improvement and helping them define what a meaningful life is and living it.”

Intuitive Energy Healing 60 min session: $160

Reiki Master Teacher
Bio-Energetic Cranial Sacral
Certified California Massage Therapist
Oncology Massage
Akashic Records Readings
B.S. Journalism