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Sofia discovered Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine after reading an article in Women’s Health magazine in her mid twenties. Absolutely fascinated with the idea of learning something so ancient, she embarked on a 4 year journey to absorb a whole new (old) world of thought and practices. Around the same time she was introduced to her meditation teacher and Sum Faht, a free flowing meditation form where a deep connection is made with your inner self, and spontaneous movements are allowed to emerge from within. This practice is the foundation for the energy balancing healing that Sofia offers today.

Sofia graduated with honors from YoSan University of Chinese Medicine in 2010 and is licensed to practice Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism in California. In 2017, she completed the Master Healer program taught by Tiffany Carole, diving deep into the world of Essential Oils and their application on acupuncture points. She continually receives various training to further evolve her practice, including the art of Essence Qi Gong, a simple yet efficient Qi Gong form that is easy for patients to learn.

Sofia brings lightness and ease to her patients in a non-judgemental, safe space. Her methods range from treating physical pain with Dr Tan’s Balance Method, to using some of the most profound channels of the body to access old conditionings and traumas that are causing ill health in the present. The Chinese diagnostic system doesn’t separate the mind and the spirit from the physical body. That’s why acupuncture can be so effective for both mental – emotional and physical conditions of all sorts.

In an acupuncture session we start by going over your current health situation, assess your symptoms and signs, and check your tongue and pulse. Based on the information gathered, I use the Chinese dignostic method to design a treatment plan, gently place the needles an leave the patient to rest with the needles in place for 25-30 min.

In an Energy Balancing Healing session, we start by meditating together for 5 min. The client will then either sit with their back to me or lie down on the massage table while I scan their back/ body and intuitively place my hands to transmit energy where needed, for as long as it is needed. This is a completely safe and non invasive method. It may however induce a healing emotional release or sensations/ movements that work to balance soul, body and mind.

In the Aroma Acupoint treatment, the client receives a full tree of life treatment on the spine, as well as the application of individually chosen Essential Oils on targeted acupuncture points. This treatment can have a powerful effect on a persons mental / emotional state.

Initial Acupuncture – 90 min- $145
Follow up Acupuncture – 60 min – $95
Energy Balancing Healing – 30 min – $65
Aroma Acupoint Treatment (Essential Oils ) – 60 min – $95

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Master Healer Certificate