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Liliya is a highly skilled and trained intuitive guide, energetic frequency therapist, and bodyworker. In her private sessions clients receive the power of frequencies that activate their innate ability to heal, their intuition, connection to their higher self, their life purpose and true potential.

Energetic frequency therapy

As humans we store negative programs, thought patterns and belief systems, that are encrypted in our unconscious mind and genetic code. They are inherited from generations of our ancestral lineage, birth trauma, childhood experiences and life events. These programs dictate our reality, emotional reactions and behavioral patterns.

In her energetic frequency sessions Liliya’s clients receive an experiential knowledge of higher states of consciousness, vibrations of unconditional love and compassion, that activate their soul awakening. They start to recognize, observe and clear such negative patterns, false ideas and beliefs about their identity and a version of their reality. That opens up a space for their true self, wholeness, inner peace, love and joy to come through from within. They begin to manifest their highest path and master blue print in their life.

With such practice her clients build new neurological passages in their brain, reconnect to an infinite wisdom that they are and activate their natural healing capabilities.

These sessions are valuable for receiving intuitive guidance, transforming and empowering any area of your life, including life purpose, health, relationships, finances and abundance, career, family lineage, self-realization and spiritual path.


Liliya’s bodywork is a transformational hands-on body therapy. Her intuitive hands, clairvoyant abilities and advanced skills guide her to find and release pain, energetic blockages, tension and scar tissue throughout the physical body.

Her technique is precise, accurate and extremely effective. As fascia and connective tissues get to release tension, the whole masculoskeletal structure of the body opens up and realigns. Such a release opens a vital energy flow in the body. Clients leave a session feeling light, mentally clear, expansive, elevated and connected to their physical and emotional body on a deeper level.

Liliya has worked with hundreds of people with active life style and high physical and mental performance, including CAOs and professional athletes. She developed her own craft with a combination of her unique skills, multiple techniques and intuitive abilities.

Energetic frequency therapy and Bodywork Combination

Bodywork sessions are best to receive as an addition to energetic frequency therapy sessions. Bodywork opens and restores a free flow of life force energy. That helps to integrate and anchor into the body the higher frequencies, that were newly generated in energy therapy. Clients are able to hold them better as they continue to bring in positive changes and healings, and generate a higher vibrational reality of their life.

Energetic frequency session
In-person or Online (video call): 60 minutes – $125, 90 minutes – $175

Bodywork session
90 mins – $225
First session -$180

Package – $1035
Includes: 4 x Energetic Frequencies Session (90 mins each); 2 x Bodywork Sessions (90 mins each); 4 months expiration

To schedule a free 15 min consultation or schedule a session please text: +1(310)-890-2744

Certified Massage Therapist, Energy (frequency) Therapist, Psychologist-Consultant (currently in a certification process), Reiki Certified Practitioner, QRA Certified Practitioner with Premier Research Labs, FR (functional range release) Certified, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance