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Faith has been practicing massage and energy work for a long time, likely longer than she was aware of as a medium and intuit and having worked with the healing arts since she was young.

Faith’s gifts of connecting to the spirit world showed up while she was still in her crib and a woman stood in her room that she soon realized only she could see. Though she was able to communicate to those no longer in their human body, she did not begin to help others connect with spirits until she was in her teens. Along with this work, Faith began to help others move the trapped energy in their bodies as they healed their hearts and souls by healing their relationships with those they had thought they had lost forever.

Body work and massage were an obvious next step in Faith’s desire to help people and she began to work on her medium clients, her family and her friends. This work continued through high school and college when Faith decided to obtain a massage certification and make body work and massage her career.

Faith’s comfort level with both the spirit world and our world make for a beautiful connection

My expertise is a healing massage. In healing massage with me I connect you to feeling inside your body and allow you to explore what the original experience was that caused your current pain. Whether a time when you were younger and had a challenging interaction with a parent to difficulty in your marriage and not feeling heard by your spouse to deep traumatic experiences that you’ve either forgotten or have worked through on the physiological level—all our experiences also show up in our physical bodies.

Just as often, injuries that that were purely physical—a fall, a broken bone, a pulled muscle—will find their way into those parts of our bodies that are vulnerable because of past emotional traumas that have compromised our bodies. And so, quite often, working on an injury will bring up memories that do not necessary correlate with the current physical pain.

During our sessions together I invite you to explore what is coming up for you as I release the muscles memory in your body. I will also tell you what it is I am receiving as I am releasing your muscle. I may ask you questions about your past or may offer insights that come from your body or from your guides. I welcome you to share what makes you comfortable during these sessions. This is a collaboration between you and myself. The energy is in you, the healing comes from you. I am the conduit that allows the pain to pass.

Spirit Work— Clearing after an emotional loss, Connecting to your spirit guides, Connecting to your friends/family who have passed/ being able to feel there energy, learning how to communicate to them, Connecting with yourself and your path. Understanding your Mind, Body, and Spirit as a whole.

Massage and Body Work— Releasing muscle tension, understanding your muscles and what they are holding onto. Connecting more to your mind, body, and spirit. Connecting to what your body wants you to know. Understanding your body. Learning to love your body. Learning to connect to your body. Learning to understand why your body is the way she/he/they are. Therapeutic Touch.

Spirit Work—Pricing ~ $100 per one hour session.

Massage and Body Work—Pricing for all modalities ~ $80 for 60-minutes. $120 for 90-minute, $160 for 120-minutes

California Massage Therapy Council Certification, National Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy 800 hour certification program, Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.