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Dawn Hope & Amanda Scharnberg

Dawn Hope & Amanda Scharnberg

Biocommunication, Custom Wellness Programming & Design


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Dawn Hope, the owner and CEO of the The Thermography Centers procured the business in 2011 and has been screening and building Thermography Centers for the past 13 years. She feels passionate about helping women (and men) ‘see’ themselves in such a way that they become health agents, along with the support of good doctors and holistic healthcare practitioners, in their own healing and wellness needs.
Amanda Scharnberg has been an exemplary Clinical Thermographer since 2017 offering her detailed imaging skills and caring support to all of our clients.
Katie Coe is our new thermographer, certified in Jan, 2024. She brings her desire to be of service and healthcare support to our team!

100% Safe, Radiation Free Thermal Imaging.

Thermography Breast Screening $240
Thermography Full Body Scan $480

Certified Clinical Thermographers. Images read by MD’s certified by the American College of Clinical Thermography