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Dani Livpriya

Dani Livpriya

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Dani Livpriya is a certified Zero Balancer, offers Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger Institute), Visceral Manipulation, & Bodytalk. Her approach is to listen to the body, treat what she finds, and allow for the body’s natural self healing mechanism to initiate. She has been a manual therapist since 2002. Her love of the healing arts continues to be her guiding light. Her favorite place to be is in the classroom exploring healing modalities or out hiking on the trails with her dogs.

Visceral Manipulation
90% of all musculoskeletal disfunction has a visceral component. This work is precise, effective, and allows for the body to clear deep imbedded blockages, reorient and heal itself. It restores mobility to the organs and fascia. And encourages healthy rhythmic motility of the viscera.
Craniosacral therapy
CST is a gentle, light touch practice that assesses and treats dysfunction in the movement of cranial bones, the sacrum, cerebral spinal fluid, and the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It frees fascial restrictions throughout the body. Craniosacral therapy allows the inner wisdom of the body to guide the session. It is a deeply transformational practice that is guided by the client’s craniosacral rhythm. CST benefits: migraines, chronic neck and back pain, depression, trauma, lengthy dental visits, stress and tension disorders, ADHD, autism, longevity, and is helpful for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also used as a proactive wellness plan to support healthy cognitive functions and help prevent Alzheimzer’s Disease. CST flushes the brain of metabolic waste and encourages fresh cerebral spinal fluid to flow through the brain. This stimulating flow of cerebral spinal fluid keeps the brain young, vibrant, and healthy. CST is a game changer. Receive mouth work, open to more balanced symmetrical movement, and release the triad of compression for a completely new, joyful experience of life.

Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing is a grounding practice that gets you in your bones. It helps clients organize, move thru trauma and held patterns with ease. A short session instantly transforms the tissues and roots the client to the Earth. Zero Balancing follows a protocol from feet to head and head to feet, working at interface which creates a healthy boundary. ZB moves stagnant energy in the bones by holding focused points or fulcrums and uses gentle traction. Your bones let go of held energy with a fulcrum or focused point of contact. It is an expansive practice that connects you to your foundational nature, leaves you feeling present, integrated and grounded. It is helpful for times of transition, intense thinking, planning, working, and trauma. Zero Balancing connects your energetic body to your physical structure- where you feel space, perspective, and the breath to relax and be.

Bodytalk uses applied kinesiology and a protocol to restore and rewire optimal communication lines. It is a full spectrum practice that is open to all branches of teachings and experience, balances consciousness, thought, emotion, elements, chakras, meridians, organs, bones and all systems of the body. Using applied kinesiology, Bodytalk balances and restores. We bring stories to awareness and access harmony in the quantum field.

Biodynamic Resonance
Biodynamic Resonance is a quantum practice that supports the body’s bio-computer, using applied kinesiology and energetically programmed vials of water. It gives your body resources to shift by introducing healthier energetic relationships with sources of consciousnesses that allow your body to break patterns, let go, and receive.

$20, 10 am Monday Morning Group Session Pranayam/Bodytalk/Gong @ Gahvarum
$75/30m private
$135/60m private
$200/90m private
Dani is available Mondays for appts
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Monday Morning Group Pranayam, Bodytalk, and Gong
10am @ Gavahrum Community Space Ste. H