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Maia Bielak is a passionate and dedicated trauma-informed healing and resilience coach, master level massage therapist, and artist serving the Ojai Valley and beyond.

Maia’s personal journey through illness, pain, conditioned patterns, anxiety and more has taught her firsthand how personal trauma, stress, biology and history can deeply impact our physical and emotional Health. Her dynamic personal journey brings compassion and authenticity to her coaching and massage sessions and directly informs her practice.

She has worked one on one and in groups with thousands of people for over 23 years, continually evolving her practice by noticing what works best for her clients, herself, teachers and colleagues, while keeping her finger on the pulse of the dynamic fields of mindfulness, somatic’s, bodywork, neuroscience and more.

Maia is here to support you as you take your own inward and unique journey towards personal empowerment, healing and resilience.

Ojai Healing & Resilience Coaching
Ojai Somatic Awareness & Bodywork
Ojai Healing Massage
Ojai Pregnancy Massage
Ojai Fascia Massage
Ojai Energy healing & Cranio-Sacral

Coaching rates start at $200
Master level massage & healing rates start at $120/hr

Certified massage therapist (Lic# 76790)
Certification in Somatic Experiencing Level I with Somatic Experiencing International.
Certification in the Power of Embodied Transformation with Coaches Rising.
Certification in Trauma Informed coaching with Coaches Rising.
Certification in Interpersonal Neurobiology with MindSight Institute.
Certifications in Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and Yoga trance dance.
Specialized training, certifications, and permission to practice, Narrative Medicine, journey medicine, Hawaiian Bone Washing, Cherokee Bodywork, and Sweat Lodge.