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In Yogic Philosophy we believe that as we age our consciousness, wisdom and energy change and evolve every 7, 11 and 18 years.  These subtle yet potent cycles are encoded in the brain and our glands.  During a 7-year cycle, the fundamental sense of your identity expands.  You deepen into your life, building on the wisdom of past experiences.  You may find yourself questioning your priorities and values and examining the meaning of your life.  An 11-year cycle is a cycle of intelligence. Often times during this phase of life we take our ideas, studies, and dreams and move them into action. And lastly, an 18-year cycle dictates a change in your physical health and vitality.  During this phase, we have the opportunity to examine our level of activity, diet and overall lifestyle. 


When our life cycles and needed lifestyle changes for each phase are not understood the changes we are experiencing can feel terrifying.  Have you experienced a 14-year old child rebelling (14 is the 2nd 7-year cycle of consciousness)?  Or a young adult graduating from college and starting a job at 22 (22 is the second 11-year cycle of intelligence).  Or a 54-year-old woman going through menopause (54 is the 3rd 18-year cycle of energy).  When we fully understand our 7, 11 and 18-year lifecycles we can proactively approach and examine the habits in our life to ensure we are evolving them to match the changes.



Ladies, join Jennifer Marcaccini every Friday in the month of November as she explores this topic.  She will help you better understand the science behind lifecycles and lifestyles and offer you tools that can be used to help you navigate the changing tides of your life.