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Labor Day Weekend Gong Extravaganza with Mehtab Benton! Basic, Advanced, and Gong for Yoga Classes – In Person Event

Labor Day Weekend Gong Extravaganza with Mehtab Benton! Basic, Advanced, and Gong for Yoga Classes – In Person Event






12:00 am - 5:00 pm




Soul Body Ojai
206 N. Signal St. Suite M

Labor Day Weekend with Mehtab
How to Play the Gong
Friday September 3 • 12-6 pm
$175 / $150 before August 1
This one-day course in the basics of gong playing is for yoga students, sound healers, and therapists who have little or no experience in playing the gong.
In this practical course with personal instruction from Mehtab and Laura Benton, you will begin your journey to become a gong player.
You will learn and practice playing several different gongs as you learn the following:
Basic mallet and striking techniques
The primary playing areas of the Gong
Playing positions for the Gong
Elementary playing sequences
Controlling volume and experiencing rhythm
Choosing and taking care of your Gong

This is a hands-on course in which you will experience and be able to play the Gong by end of the day.

Advanced Gong Playing
Saturday and Sunday September 4-5 • 9 am–5 pm
$395 / $350 before August 1
This training is for yoga students, teachers, sound healers, therapists, and gong players who wish to explore the Gong at a deeper level.
The course focuses on intermediate and advanced playing techniques, the importance of proper mallets to expand your playing experience, and how to use the gong in a wide variety of applications.
In this two-day course you will learn these advanced practices and considerations for professional gong playing:
The Three Components of Gong Playing (rhythm, volume, and area)
Playing with Two Mallets and Different Styles of Mallets
Playing Multiple Gongs and Playing with Other Players
Advanced Playing Techniques to Create a Sacred Sound Journey
Developing a Gong Player’s Sadhana
Playing from Intuition and Elevation for Healing
Using “Gong Maps” for Chakras, Energy Channels, and the Four Basic Energies of the Psyche
Participants receive a certificate as “Certified Gong Player”.

To receive the maximum benefit from this training, please attend the How to Play the Gong course or have had previous gong playing experience. (You may also take the online course if you cannot or have not attended a basic gong playing course with Mehtab: www.gongtraining.com)

Kundalini Gong Yoga Training
Monday September 6 • 9 am-1 pm
$125 / $95 before August 1
The Gong is an important part of the Kundalini Yoga practice and has been used to support and magnify the effects of many kriyas and meditations.
In this training with Mehtab and Laura Benton, Lead KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers, you will learn how the gong can enhance your teaching and experience of Kundalini Yoga classes and practices.
This experiential training is open to everyone, both teachers and students, gong players and non-players.
In this workshop you will learn:
How to use the Gong to enhance the experience of mantra and chanting
Different ways to play the gong to support the practice of specific asanas
How to include the Gong into Kundalini kriyas
Special considerations for playing the Gong during relaxation
Why the gong can be helpful in pranayama practices
The special role of the Gong in meditation

At the end of our day, we will immerse ourselves in an extended Kundalini Gong Yoga Class and Relaxation.

All four days and three trainings $650 / $550 before August 1
The Teachers
Mehtab and Laura (Guru Karam) Benton have been teaching yoga together and training teachers for 25 years. They have taught trainings in yoga and the gong in 20 countries.
Mehtab is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book on using the gong in the practice of yoga. He has trained hundreds of yoga teachers, therapists, and musicians in the art of playing the gong in over 20 countries. He is a lifelong Kundalini Yoga practitioner and teacher and has trained teachers in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for over 25 years. Mehtab is the author of Gong Yoga, Astrology Yoga, Teaching Gong Yoga, Gong Therapy.
For more information on Mehtab, please visit www.yogimehtab.com.

Laura (Guru Karam) began her life-long yoga practice at age 16 at a Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Houston, Texas. She is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga and is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. She has presented classes internationally on Gong Yoga Nidra, the art of deep relaxation with the gong, and brings her background in Ayurveda and clinical hypnosis to the art of playing the gong for meditation and relaxation.

Tara Matthews has been a yoga practitioner for 25 years. Having studied, Iyengar, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga as a student and teacher, trained in Gong, Yoga Nidra and a background as a 16 Year Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, she brings a wealth of persective to all related trainings.


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