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Soul Tribe Mother Tree Retreat: San Diego


Sat, Mar 18th - Sun, Mar 19th @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Soul Tribe Mother Tree Retreat: San Diego
Cultivating the Mother Tree Energy in Community 

San Diego, CA March 18 and 19, 2023


In ecstatic communion with our online Soul Tribe Online Community, we are very happy to present our first retreat!

JOIN US for a 2-Day immersion into the ancestral Mother Trees, surrounded in the beautiful Pacific Beach community, honoring and connecting into Kumeyaay land.  Together, we will cultivate community, threaded with divine wisdom, innate curiosity and humane connection.   

Retreat Offerings Include:  Sensitivity is Your SuperPower, Walk in Beauty Poetry, Yoga Nidra Sound Journey, Beach Medicine Walks, Regenerative Community Design teachings, holotropic breathwork session, yoga, community fresh organic meals, and so much more.

Lunches, light breakfast and snacks included.

Location:  A private home, built in 1912, on Kumeyaay land, gifted to the late Donal and Florence Hord, both world renowned artists.  The beautiful garden was designed by the legendary Kate Sessions, known as the Grandmother of Balboa Park and the cultivator of the Mother Trees on the land.



8:30:  Arriving Coffee/Tea

9am: Opening Circle 

11am Honoring the Land, the Mother Trees and a brief sharing the Overstory of the Land.
12pm Lunch – Served in the garden
1pm Medicine Walk
2pm Holotropic Breathwork

2:45 Sharing around the Fire
3:45 Walk in Beauty Poetry 


8:30 Arrival Coffee/Tea/Croissants/Muffins/Energy Bars

9:00 Sensitivity as a Super Power with Susan 

10:15 Shiva-Yoga Nidra Sound Journey

11:30 Sharing about morning expereinces

12:30 Lunch
1:30  Closing Circle and Regenerative Community Design touring the land, living technologies and systems as the teachings


Kristen Victor

Kristen spends most of her time these days co-creating new ways of living on Planet Earth, mentoring, rebuilding, contemplating, and working in her garden.  She is a Mother Earth activist, regenerative community builder, and Kundalini student teacher.

Kristen believes honoring our inner selves is to strengthen our resolve to serve our committed life and show up for others.  She is the mom to three amazing adult daughters, next-generation leaders, and a hip-wise grandmother to the most beautiful starseed!

Tara Matthews


Tara Matthews,L.Ac is an accomplished yoga teacher of over 25 years and full time acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  Founder and spaceholder at SoulTribeOnline.com and Soul Body Ojai, a healing center and yoga studio in Ojai, California, she enjoys teaching, leading sacred journeys and seeing clients to bring about higher vibrational healing states. She brings a unique perspective to Kundalini Yoga informed by years of practical and mystical experience in many complementary modalities.

Alison Dhuanna

Alison Dhuanna from the UK is an Astrologer specializing in the Goddess Asteroids and Gene Keys. She is also a Poet and Priestess giving Gong Baths regularly as Dreaming Temples.

Shiva Preet

Shiva Preet weaves Sacred Sound, Intention and Ceremony into her teachings. An Ojai Native (Chumash lineage) Sound Healer, Kundalini, and Yoga Nidra facilitator.

Susan von Thun

Susan von Thun is a scientist, communicator, yogi, and healer. With the perspective of a logical scientist, she has navigated her own spiritual journey with a curious, open mind. Through yoga, meditation, and a variety of healing modalities, she has awakened many of her innate gifts as an intuitive healer and is passionate about helping others become aware of their own gifts. In all of her offerings, it is her intention to provide subtle, yet practical tools that will support your expansion and help you remember your own divinity. She is a Hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, certified master in Usui and Kundalini Reiki and other advanced reiki techniques. She is also certified in Crystal healing, Inner Chakra healing, Breathwork, Cellular Alchemy, NLP, Parts therapy, Angel healing, and has been attuned to a variety of planetary and spirit guide energies to help you on your journey. In all sessions with Susan, you will receive exactly the healing energy and guidance that your soul is ready and asking for to ignite a deep remembrance of your Self.

Two Day Registration Rates:

Registration HERE: $299.00

Assisted Registration (lower income) HERE: $222.00

Supporting Registration (Thank you!): $333.00


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