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Deborah Cluff, PhD

Deborah Cluff, PhD

Hypnotherapy, Licensed Psychotherapist


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Deborah Cluff, PhD is a Licensed Psychotherapist with certifications in Hypnotherapy, Creativity Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Pranic Healing. Her holistic, multi-dimensional approach helps you connect to your purpose and resolve unconscious conflicts at the root cause for positive lasting change. Deborah uses highly-effective, heart-centered techniques to spark your natural capacity for healing and creativity, as well as to treat emotional pain and clear unhelpful behaviors.

Sessions are based on your unique goals using a combination of depth psychology and hypnosis to effect real, meaningful change. You will receive practical guidance and suggested practices to support, deepen, and continue your progress outside sessions based on diverse sources ranging from ancient traditions to modern neuroscience. Every aspect of the process is designed to empower you to claim your inner authority and experience congruence in your life.

Hypnotherapy is a quick, effective set of techniques that work with the unconscious to help you stop self-destructive habits and make the permanent positive changes you desire.

Often in just a few sessions clients can:

Quit addictive habits like smoking/vaping.
Create healthy exercise and eating habits.
Increase confidence and motivation.
Enhance artistic or athletic performance.
Spark creative ideas and solutions.
Find a sense of greater purpose.
Stop compulsive behaviors.
Eliminate phobias.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Session Rates

Single Empowerment Session @ $225
Committed to Change Package: 4 Sessions/1 month @ $200 = $800
Total Transformation Package: 8 Sessions/2 months @ $180 = $1440

Deborah guides experiential workshops online and in-person based on a combination of mind-body healing modalities and using creativity as a healing practice.

Deborah’s research in Jungian Psychology is published in the book: Shame and the Making of Art: a Depth Psychological Perspective.