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Lepeng is a Reiki Master, massage therapist and Qigong movement teacher with intuitive understanding of people’s emotions and energetic patterns. With all the tools, knowledge and her unique gift as a healing conduit and empath, Lepeng provides personalized healing sessions to help her clients heal from physical, mental and emotional imbalance, blockages and trauma.  The typical healing sessions include bodywork, Reiki energy healing and compassionate listening.

Lepeng is passionate about servicing the world through her healing gifts. She is here to help you relieve physical and emotional discomfort and pains so that you can return to your natural equilibrium and well-being. 

Reiki energy healing, Detox and healing massage, Reiki combine with sound healing session, Movement (Qigong and Yoga) therapy, Hawaii and other tropic islands healing & transformation retreats

Reiki Energy Healing – 75 or 90 minutes – $160 or $180
Healing Massage – 75 or 90 minutes – $160 or $180
Healing Massage and Reiki – 100 minutes or 120 minutes – $220 or $250

Reiki & Sound Healing – 120 minutes – $360 and up (with 2 practitioners) up to 8 person

Private Reiki Attunement ( two to three hours) Level One – $300, Level Two $400, Master Practitioner Level $500

Reiki Master, Certified Yoga teacher, Shiatsu massage training