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Sarah Zelman started her healing and self-discovery journey in 2018 after experiencing intense anxiety due to past traumas. She wanted a better quality of life and simply googled “sound bath near me” in hopes of finding holistic ways to help her. She then found a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner named Natalie Wohlstadter who changed her life forever. After discovering sound healing along with Ayurvedic therapy and deep dives into her consciousness, Sarah found herself. With a whole new life and perspective Sarah decided she needed to share this light in hopes that it too would help others. Sarah has now dedicated her life to helping others and be a vessel of love and light. Sarah can not wait to see what the future brings and the connections she will make along the way. As Sarah continues on her own spiritual journey, she hopes you will join her in your very own. Sarah’s mantra is, “May you always know the truth and see the lights surrounding you”.

Abhyanga Warm Herbal Oil Massage, Shirodhara 3rd-Eye Oil Treatment,Ayurvedic Reset 1-5 Days of Treatments & Meals, Reiki, Soundhealing.

Abhyanga Warm Herbal Oil Massage: 60 min- $150/2 Person Tandem- $250. 90 min- $200/2 Person Tandem-$350.

Shirodhara 3rd-Eye Oil Treatment: 60 min $150. 90 min $200

Ayurvedic Reset 1-5 Days of Treatments & Meals: Starting at $350

Private Soundbath: 1 Hour $150

Private Reiki Session: 1 Hour $150

Certified Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, CMT, Ayurvedic Therapy