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I’ve spent decades as a scientist—I’m a deep-sea biologist and science communicator for my day job—and as a yoga and meditation practitioner. I’ve been diving deep into my life lessons and practicing a variety of tools that will help me grow and I love to share those findings with others. As I continue the practice of bringing the spiritual and logical into harmony in my own life, I’ve realized that these two aspects work best together as a collaborative experience and I want my students and clients to live that experience as well. As a result, all of my offerings feature very practical and effective techniques for moving energy to open students up to their own inner guidance and intuition.

I am a Hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, an intuitive healer, a certified master in Usui and Kundalini Reiki, and other advanced reiki techniques. More recently, I studied advanced energy healing techniques in a Mystery School through Mansion of the Heart University and another course called Light School where I’ve connected more deeply to the Cosmic energies available for us to activate for healing. I love to geek out about and share tools for connecting with your energetic anatomy, light codes, and astrology. I’ve found that the more open I am to different perspectives and techniques, the more I connect with my Higher Self. This is why I teach short (45-minute), yet effective classes on STO that always include a 5-10 minute relaxation in which I transmit healing energies for every student—whether you’re there live or watching in the class archive. The human body and energetic field are incredibly resilient and capable of so much more than we are taught in our culture. I am so passionate about exposing students/clients to tools and energies that might be exactly what they need but didn’t even know it! Join me on Mondays at 7 pm, in my Tune into your Self Tribe