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Eileen is a small flower farmer, a writer and a yoga teacher. (facilitator is her more resonant word). She began taking Kundalini at the age of 20 in Los Angeles with Guru Singh and when she was pregnant with each of her children, she practiced with Gurmukh in her house.  She took a break from practicing from age 35-45, but then the awakening came that she needed to find herself again….so began the journey into her own power once more.  The writing, flowers and Kundalini all have that common thread of transformation.  


The intention at Eileen’s flower farm, Palomar Farm, is to grown a variety of native and unusual flowers reminiscent of ancient ways and days gone by. Medicinal herbs, edible plants, from the wildly weird sunflowers, to the regal romantic roses, to a chorus line of dancing dahlias! Think of it this way, a cross between your grandmother’s old-time favorites with medicinal herbs from ancient times interwoven to create both a visual and sensual feast.


Eileen is fascinated by transformation.  Through understanding the natural world of seasons and how the garden changes with each phase, so too do we, with each stage of our lives.  We are constantly changing and evolving  – which is a beautiful process, but can also be challenging at times to accept the changes and let go.  Along with the flowers in her garden, Kundalini Yoga has been Eileen’s spiritual practice which supports her soul’s evolution. Kundalini is a transformational yogic practice which encompasses all that we need to live our highest vibrational life.   She lives in Ojai, grows all varieties of old time flowers, holds sacred women’s writing circles seasonally, and teaches Kundalini Yoga.


Eileen’s Kundalini Yoga class at Soul Body Ojai is on Mondays 10:00 am – 11:30 pm.  See Full Class Schedule