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Twelve years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was lost. I was self-loathing, I was drinking too much. I was in a dark place. It was at that point when I first discovered yoga. Little by little I started to step into my light. I stopped drinking. I found Kundalini. I can truly say it saved my life. Through practicing yoga, I was able to love myself. I lost weight, I started to feel better about who I was on the inside, as well as the outside.

My transformation and experiences led me to obtain 200 hours of yoga Kundalini TT and 200 hours of Hatha TY instructions as well as become a Reiki healer (certified level 2).  I am a Level 2 Kundalini instructor with added certifications in Conscious Communication, Vitality & Stress, and Mind & Meditation.

Today, I am more than a yoga instructor, I am a deeply caring teacher who uses the Kundalini system to impart the same gifts of strength and awareness that Kundalini has given me to all of my students.  I teach yoga to show people their inner strength and that all they need to overcome challenges in life is within them already. I show people how to go into themselves to find light and self-love.  I also use sound healing, movement, and meditation techniques to offer holistic and substantial methods of self-care to my students, or as I lovingly call them “my people.”

With much gratitude~

Nikki Nicoletto

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