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Who is Robin?
I am a licensed psychotherapist and for 16 years have specialized in treating clients with anxiety, grief, depression, trauma and injury. I grew up in Ojai and after completing my education and professional development, have returned to Ojai and created a private practice called Walkabout Ojai (www.walkaboutojai.com).

What led you to this practice?
After receiving by Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science, I began working as a counselor and case manager for adolescents in inpatient and residential programs. I then went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and professional psychotherapist license with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Since then I have worked in many communities in multiple capacities such as Clinician/Psychotherapist for the Counseling and Psychiatry Department at the University of California Santa Cruz, Saint Louise Hospital, and RehabOne Medical Group, and Director of multiple mental health inpatient and outpatient programs. I have also provided clinical expertise in training law enforcement in the San Jose Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team, consulted for human rights attorneys at the Silicon Valley Law Foundation, and taught as an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Social Work at San Jose State University. I continue to provide clinical supervision for board registered therapists working in both community based and psychiatric inpatient programs.

What do we do in therapy?
When working with clients, my primary therapeutic emphasis is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which I find most effective in treatment. It is the basic underpinning of most evidenced based psychological practices used today, including mindfulness. In CBT we work to explore your stressors, the thoughts behind them, and how they affect you. We then challenge these thoughts with mindfulness exercises and homework assignments, which in effect changes the emotions the thoughts bring forth and corresponding actions you take. We work to open your mind to objective, rational, non-judgmental thoughts that reflect the bare truth leading to self-compassion. The results are liberating, leading to a healthy and flexible sense of self. Those who struggle with toxic thoughts (anxiety, grief, depression) require an emotional revolution, a revolution which mercifully challenges old conditioning, judgements, convictions and rituals. In our sessions we will work together to consciously cultivate an inner evolution and let the revolution infinitely evolve. There will always be obstacles of all shapes and sizes year after year, and each resolution you pursue will manifest when your internal paradigm shifts creating a flexible mind. The deeper the resolution, the greater the shift. Purging the patterns that hurt us, or hinder our creativity and productivity, will liberate our soul. ¡Viva la revolución!

Ok then, what is Walkabout Ojai?
In working with my clients and through extensive research, I have found that often emotional growth and healing occurs much more naturally and comfortably through walks alongside one another in nature as opposed to the traditional closed room. The evolutionary concept of Walkabout Ojai is to assist those looking to overcome toxic thoughts and/or painful emotional barriers in a holistic manner, by ambling through Ojai’s nature paths, breathing in fresh air, hearing the birds sing, and conversing at ease to let the therapeutic process unfold. For those seeking more traditional therapy, I also offer sessions at Soul Body Ojai.

Sounds amazing! What now?

Those interested in either traditional therapy sessions, walkabout sessions, or upcoming group sessions, please contact me for a complimentary consultation at 805/290-4466 or email any questions to [email protected]. More information about services and costs, as well as resources on eco-therapy and CBT can be found on my website.