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I’m a sound healer and kundalini yoga teacher. I’ve been asked: “How does one get into this profession?”

It all started with the “Gong”.  No, really, it did.  After going to two critical sound baths and watching a gong documentary, I woke up to this idea that this was my destiny.  Gong Master.  Once I had my mind made up, the universe took over.  Within a few weeks I was gifted a gong, and within a few months I was to be training with world renowned gong master, Mehtab Benton.

Little did I know that kundalini yoga and the gong went hand in hand.  I had recently started practicing at home watching YouTube videos and witnessing my life suddenly transform.  I attributed these changes to my new meditation practice called the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. A powerful kundalini yoga meditation that claimed to turn any darkness into light.

I was determined to finish 40 consecutive days, it finally happened within 6 months of trying! From then on something clicked inside: this type of yoga CREATES MIRACLES or more importantly points a LASER FOCUS on exactly what needs to change in your life to help you achieve your goals.

Within two years I had certifications in Gong Playing, Gong Therapy, Kundalini Teacher Training Level 1 and one module of Level 2 completed as well.  Today I’ve been teaching yoga for two years and practicing the sound healing arts in the form of sound baths and private sound healing sessions.

This path chose me. And as I continue down the rabbit hole, I am being challenged in ways that blast my heart wide open revealing the depths of my true self. If you’re reading this, I thank you and encourage you to listen for those subtle cues in life that inspire you to move towards your freedom and joy.

Sat Nam,



If you’d like to practice yoga and experience the gong with me you can find me:

Wednesdays 10:00 am at Soul Body Ojai
Fridays 10:30 am at Light and Space

I offer a monthly Full Moon Sound Bath on the Friday closest to the full moon. Check our event page for more details.