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 I am Vanessa Seva Sadhana, healer and Yogi since the age of 17.  I am a passionate life enthusiast, a hopeful empath, a clairsentient (look it up) being, a love science healer, a life goals coach, writer and kundalini yoga teacher who left America after UCSB to live in France, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and NYC.  I was always a seeker of the deeper, truer meaning behind life and inside people.

In high school, I practiced Ashtanga yoga everyday and tried Kundalini yoga, but did not care for it yet.  While living abroad, I practiced power yoga everyday and finally after a brief visit home to LA in 2002, I got certified to teach yoga.  I began teaching wherever I was on Earth.

While living in other countries, I was always attracted to the healers.  I trekked through the French Grand Canyon, “Le Verdon” with a Cubo-African shaman, Aconcha.  She taught me about the healing elements of the unseen in nature, the totem animals and the Orishas.

I became certified in Reiki by a midwife, crystal/ love sorceress angel, who taught me about crystals, Reiki, vibration frequency and love. Diane Vaughn opened dimensions of healing for me that changed the course of my life, getting me completely sober and shaping my destiny of healing through energy.

I worked with and was healed by a Japanese metal ball alchemist to remove stagnant energy out of my body.  Then, I worked with a Native American Indian healer and sweat lodge leader for clearing past trauma, lighting the future and clearing negative thoughts.  Lastly, I learned about homeopathic remedies through both an Indian woman doctor and an Israeli doctor to add a level of understanding with the elements of life that heal physical challenges which stem from mental imbalances.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, I am Fire (pitta) and ether (vata); due to this constitution, I am creative, passionate, inquisitive and full of ideas.  I consider myself a life long student, squeezing experience out of every twist and turn along my journey.  I love meeting people and people have always loved coming up to me and telling me their stories, fears and issues without me soliciting. This was something I never gave much thought other than I have a “kind person” label on my forehead.

Power yoga gave me so much self awareness over the years to share with people I taught all over the world.  It was in 2009 when I lost my baby at 18 weeks that I made a discovery into the limit or lack of healing power that Ashtanga /Power yoga had for me regarding the more challenging life issues.

I thought becoming a director and producer of film would cure my pain, since I had always wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry.  After directing my first commercial immediately following graduation at NY Film Academy, I realized it was not going to be fulfilling enough.  So, I focused on getting pregnant.

The next year and five miscarriages later. I discovered I had a thyroid issue which prevented me in getting pregnant.  Therefore I focused all my attention on having a child.  We went through many feelings and another year of mental unrest.

Finally on my first IVF, we were pregnant and my first son was born in France in 2013.  The series of challenges to become pregnant were over, but my life challenges were not over following the birth of my baby boy.  My thyroid issues uncovered other issues like anxiety, foggy brain and overwhelm.

It was not until after a Chinese acupuncturist told me to calm down by simply looking at the green trees or the sky everyday for 20 minutes, that something clicked in my mind.  Little did I know, he was talking about meditation.  I spent the next month looking for some old teaching manuals in our attic in France.  I finally found those “weird” Kundalini Yoga teaching  manuals a friend had given me years before that seemed to be calling me from beyond.

Beginning to practice the meditations and the yoga gave me a wind beneath my wings I hadn’t felt since years before.  I knew what I had found was big.   I quickly began teaching Kundalini yoga in France in French and miraculously after one year of teaching and meditating, I got pregnant again spontaneously.  The miracles of Kundalini Yoga and meditation were leading me to my own healing, the answers I had been seeking my whole life and the healing of all my students in France.

I moved back to Santa Monica and became certified in Kundalini Yoga and meditation with my first teacher over 20 years before; Gurmukh Kaur and Golden Bridge.  Since then, the miracles simply continue daily to bloom in front of my eyes.  I am now getting my certification in Kundalini level 2 and finished my first book, Living in The Magic Of Life, soon to be published.

Through the magic of Kundalini, I discovered that the label on my forehead, was actually a gift I had finally understood within me since very early in childhood.  I now use all my experience being healed and healing others to Coach privately and teach group classes.

Join me Monday’s at Soul Body 10:00am – 11:15am or book a private session.

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Vanessa Seva Sadhana Blair